04/08/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The SNL FAQ: #34.18 (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson)

It's Sunday morning. You have questions about last night's Saturday Night Live. We have answers.

Did they open with a political sketch? Of course they did. They almost always seem to since the 2008 election campaign. Will Forte played Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, taking calls from Americans with ideas to solve the banking crisis and possibly win $420 billion for it.

How did the host do, and did he/she do anything outrageously funny? Dwayne Johnson, formerly known as pro rassler "The Rock," is and always has been quite the ham sandwich, and though you might have (though should not have) been surprised to see and hear him sing, you'll likely remember most that he played "The Rock" Obama, the president's "Incredible Hulk" alter ego.

Who played President Obama? Fred Armisen, still, but he ceded his scene mostly to Johnson.

Was there a digital short? No.
Was it funny? Not applicable.

Was there a fake ad? Not exactly.

Did the musical guest lip-sync or otherwise do something worth mentioning? Ray LaMontagne may be thought of as this generation's American version of Van Morrison, and I mean that only in all of the best ways. He performed new single "You Are The Best Thing," and also "Trouble" off of his debut record.

Did my favorite character return? If you love MacGruber, he was back for a new trilogy, and this time, he made up for that whole Pepsi ad confusion by reuniting with his TV inspiration, MacGyver. The show also brought back "Jamie Lee Curtis" (Kristen Wiig) for another Activia commercial, in which the yogurt causes almost instantaneous reactions (read: pooping!).

Were there any celebrity cameos? Richard Dean Anderson, TV's MacGyver, co-starred in the "MacGruber" sketches. And Justin Timberlake, who we knew was in New York City this week because we saw him on Jimmy Fallon's new Late Night show, made an appearance as comic strip Cathy's husband, Irving, only to get sidetracked by Jessica Rabbit (Timberlake's real-life girlfriend, Jessica Biel). Va. Va. Voom.

Did any celebrities get impersonated? Aside from the aforementioned Jamie Lee Curtis (Kristen Wiig), we saw the return of Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) and his Celebrity Apprentice stars Tom Green (Fred Armisen), Joan Rivers (Michaela Watkins) and Dennis Rodman (Dwayne Johnson).

Did any politicians get impersonated? Aside from the aforementioned Timothy Geitner (Will Forte) and Obama (Fred Armisen, Dwayne Johnson), we also saw Sen. John McCain (Darrell Hammond), Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Kristen Wiig), Sen. Tom Coburn (Will Forte), and RNC Chairman Michael Steele (Kenan Thompson).

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