04/15/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The SNL FAQ: Tracy Morgan

It's Sunday. You have questions about last night's Saturday Night Live. We have answers.

Did they open with a political sketch? NO! Hooray for that. SNL took a break (mostly) from politics last night and embraced the carefree nature of its host, Tracy Morgan.

How did the host do, and did he/she do anything outrageously funny? It's Tracy Morgan. What do you think? Actually, at this point, Morgan has crafted such a reputation for seeming to be outrageous, that hardly anything would surprise us at this point. Or would it? He did have a few great moments last night, neither of which were available online for repeat viewings just yet. Among them: Coining a new euphemism in "green dugout" and helming a movie masterpiece in "Rocket Dog."

Who played President Obama? Nobody. I already told you they took a break from politics this week.

Was there a digital short? YES.

Was it funny? YES. "Party Guys" features Andy Samberg and Bill Hader mocking everyone at a lame house party in the most literal of ways. Pay close attention and you'll see some seriously silly images.

Was there a fake ad? Yes, yes and sorta kinda. Two fake ads from past episodes made return appearances (Chewable Pampers, Gas Right) and both went for the gross-out gag. Tracy Morgan also starred in a live ad spoof sketch as a doctor promoting an anti-erection pill called Suppressex, with him and Bill Hader as a shopping mall Santa making some inappropriate examples to illustrate the need for such a pill.

Did the musical guest lip-sync or otherwise do something worth mentioning? Kelly Clarkson sang two of her new hit singles, "My Life Would Suck Without You" and "I Do Not Hook Up," and performed them both well.

Did my favorite character return? It was a night full of recurring characters, from Morgan's old SNL bits Brian Fellow's Safari Planet and Astronaut Jones, to the "Scared Straight" parody, another mocking of the ladies of The View, and a second helping of Bill Hader's creepy Keith Morrison from Dateline NBC.

Were there any celebrity cameos? Yes, but if you blinked during the cold opening, you would have missed pro rassler John Cena and Tina Fey, both trying to keep Tracy Morgan from wreaking havoc on 30 Rock (the building, not the show).

Did any celebrities get impersonated? In addition to The View ladies (Kenan Thompson as Whoopi Goldberg, Fred Armisen as Joy Behar, Tracy Morgan as Sherri Shepherd, Kristen Wiig as Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Michaela Watkins as Barbara Walters), Bill Hader played John Malkovich as one of Bernie Madoff's many investment scam victims, and Wiig played the Barbie doll on her 50th birthday. We also got to see a short parody of HBO's Big Love, with Jason Sudeikis in Bill Paxton's patriarchal role, Wiig as Jeanne Tripplehorn, Abby Elliott as Chloe Sevigny and Casey Wilson as Ginnifer Goodwin.

Did any politicians get impersonated? Didn't I tell you already that SNL took a break from politics this weekend?

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