05/14/2008 09:04 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Shocking Corruption Is Given A Blind Eye by Our Government

The Senate Democratic Policy Committee, which I chair, heard new and disturbing testimony on Monday about corruption in Iraq and its consequences for U.S. troops, taxpayers and the U.S. mission in Iraq. Two former high-level Bush administration officials who served in Iraq told our committee that the State Department routinely turns a blind eye toward Iraqi government corruption.

The result: billions of U.S. tax dollars, as well as guns, ammunition, medical supplies and other equipment are siphoned off and diverted to the insurgents and militias who are killing American soldiers. According to the witnesses, unchecked corruption means U.S. taxpayers are funding, arming and equipping both sides in the Iraq war.

Witness statements and additional information can be accessed by clicking here. Video clips regarding the hearing appear below.

The State Department Turned a Blind Eye to Corruption: Below, I discuss witness testimony that revealed that the actions of the State Department in Iraq have harmed American soldiers and resulted in the theft of American taxpayer dollars.

The Corruption in Iraq is Astonishing: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse describes the facts uncovered about wide-spread corruption in Iraq and the State Department's anti-corruption failures in the country.