09/01/2011 03:38 pm ET Updated Nov 01, 2011

I Support Marriage Equality

I think most Americans would agree people should be treated equally and everyone ought to be able to pursue a fulfilling life with the ones they love. But at times we fail to live up to the solemn promise guaranteed to every American in the Declaration of Independence, namely, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It's my belief that, like every other American, gay and lesbian couples should be able to make a lifetime commitment to the person they love and protect their families.

I whole-heartedly support marriage equality for gay and lesbian Americans and I'm asking you to join me. Will you sign my petition in support of marriage equality?

As I've traveled my home state of Colorado, I've heard from people who have asked me to be more vocal in my support of this issue. I believe if we look at how the struggle for marriage equality is unfolding across the nation, there are valuable lessons for all of us.

Our path forward is clear. We need to work in our states, with local governments, with our neighbors and with our elected officials to advance the cause of marriage equality. If we stand together, I'm confident we will see this through on the national level.

I've worked hard for many years to ensure that all Americans -- no matter their sexual orientation -- are not discriminated against. But I realize now, more than ever, just how much work we must do to ensure gay and lesbian couples can participate in the public promise of love and responsibility that is marriage.

Throughout my years of public service, I've listened to the voices of the gay and lesbian community, whether through whispered confidences or public declarations. I understand what it truly means to say that all people should be treated equally, and I'll always stand up for fair and equal treatment of gay and lesbian Americans.

We have work to do. Let's go do it.