03/04/2014 07:18 pm ET Updated May 04, 2014

Letter to My Father

In the Fall of 2012, I wrote a letter to my father, Dr. Wayne Dyer, letting him know how grateful I am to have him as a dad. Since that time, my sister Skye and her musical partner Alex Woodard wrote a song out of the letter that they now perform all over the country. Then, in September of 2013, some of my family and I traveled to San Diego for my dad to film his most recent PBS show, and my Dad asked me to read the letter to him during the show.

It was a great honor and I am thrilled to be part of this new PBS special which came out yesterday. When I wrote this letter, my intention was to do something special for the man who does so many special things for me. I never realized it would be read all over the place! I have realized that writing someone a letter of love and gratitude is a beautiful experience for both the writer and the receiver. I plan to continue writing love letters to the people in my life that I truly love so much.


Today I sat behind you in Ephesus, Turkey while you gave a lecture to a few hundred people who had traveled from all over the world to hear you speak. I was overcome with emotion as I saw you standing there, fulfilling your dharma while touching the lives of so many. I know you as my father, but you have always been a teacher to me as well. You have taught me that the solutions to all of life's problems are inside of me, and that I only had to go within, be silent, present and know that all is well.

You never told me how to live or what to think or what to believe in. Instead, you showed me how to make each step a prayer and each word a word of love. You taught me about Rumi, St. Francis, Hafiz, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, St. Germaine, Neville and so many others. You taught me to believe in magic and miracles, and you showed me how to be in awe of the awesome world we live in.

Since the time I was brought into this world, I knew that I was safe to be exactly as I was, and that whoever I was, I was a perfect creation of God. You told me that I was God and that it was God that looks out from behind my eyes. I learned from you that I was the master of my own fate, the creator of my destiny.

Of all the lessons I have learned the thing that hit me hardest was when you said that I AM GOD. Could I really be a spark of God, a perfect creation put here on Earth with a purpose? You say this all the time, but I have always struggled with it, especially since school and society were telling me otherwise. I doubted myself, felt inferior and worried that I needed to apologize to something for even contemplating this idea. I have felt unworthy, undeserved and unsure. Although you gave me great tools, I still had to figure out how to use them on my own. Now I understand that God is love, God is beauty and God is truth. You told me I came from an infinite space of perfection and that I will return to it one day too. Slowly I am beginning to understand.

People love you so much, and yet to me you have always been Dad. You drove me to school each morning, you taught me how to swim and ride a bike, you read me stories and you came to all my plays. As I have grown, you have encouraged me to follow my dharma and go after whatever it is that excites me. You believe in me Dad and I love you so much for that.

What do you say to someone that gave you life and then showed you how to live it? You say thank you, thank you, thank you.


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