06/28/2013 02:33 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2013

Top 8 Reasons Senate Republicans Approved Immigration Reform

Finally, the issue of immigration reform is getting somewhere. After much wrangling and politicking, the Senate reached an agreement on an immigration reform bill that will now be debated in the House and hopefully enacted into law. While the ultimate shape and fate of the bill is still uncertain, it is clear that Republicans now recognize the importance of immigration reform.

So here are the Top 8 reasons that Senate Republicans passed the bill:

8. With more than 50 million Hispanic voters living in the United States, someone finally handed the Republicans a calculator.

7. A number of Republican senators are secretly auditioning for parts in the racy telenovelas on Telemundo.

6. Marco Rubio, the great GOP hope, has made it clear that unless he is allowed to become a citizen, he will go back to Cuba.

5. Ted Nugent is getting tired of patrolling the border all by himself and wants federal help.

4. The bill includes two hours of siesta time for Senators during every session.

3. It distracted people from the fact that the conservative Justices of the Supreme Court just delivered a body blow to civil rights with their ruling on the Voting Rights Act.

2. Mitch McConnell's Latino maid finally went on strike until she is treated with dignity.

And the biggest reason that Senate Republicans approved the Immigration Reform bill:

1. The bill was written in Spanish, which none of the Republican Senators could read or understand.

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