01/18/2008 10:10 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Iraq: Decades Of Recovery for the American People

For the last 2 1/2 years I have focused all my passion and energy on ending the war in Iraq. My main argument is that our troops and innocent Iraqi people continue to be killed on a daily basis for reasons we all know never existed to serve as a justification for war. The needless sacrifice of human life will continue to serve as my ultimate motivation for my anti-war efforts; however, up until now, I have not fully addressed the monetary debt that this war has cost the American people.

It is has been widely argued that the war in Iraq will cost American taxpayers over 1 trillion dollars that will take decades to pay off (numerous sources have cited this incredible figure for quite some time now). Some estimates are projected to surpass 2 trillion dollars. All of this money is being carelessly spent on the president's war of choice while he proposes cuts in domestic spending that are beneficial to our people here at home -- probably to a lot of the families of troops currently serving in Iraq.

How could this administration ask so much of our brave men and women in uniform and ask nothing of the wealthiest of Americans? Or any sacrifice from Americans in general? All while we borrow money from China and Saudi Arabia to pay for a war putting us further into debt.

I think the answer is obvious. When President Bush leaves office in January 2009 he will leave the tab for us and future generations to pick up. Does he care? If he did he would have never allowed this to happen.

(Just imagine how that money could have benefited Americans here at home.)

The cost of the war is especially disturbing being that America will likely go into a recession in the very near future if it has not begun already. All while Bush & Cheney are getting ready to live the rest of their lives debt-free while we as a nation pay the debt they will leave for us.

The tremendous setbacks the Bush administration has placed on our nation, whether as a result of their lies or gross incompetence (or both) for their illegal war is unforgivable.

Bush's base has prospered while average middle and working class Americans have suffered and struggled to get by -- rising unemployment, an economy in shambles, tens of millions without health care, increased levels of poverty, etc.

What a tragic time in American history when we seem to have enough money to invade Iraq on a fallacy, enough money to continue the occupation indefinitely, and provide tax cuts for the wealthiest pro-war Americans, while we lack money for American people who go without. How un-American is that?

In closing, I would like to recognize Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) for his tireless efforts to raise awareness regarding this disaster that the Bush administration has inflicted upon the American people. He has long been an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq and has been exposing the serious debt crisis this nation is facing as a result.