07/27/2012 02:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

3 Steps to Finding Your Truth


Truth in Your Word Is Everything.

Step #1: Make "Do what you say and say what you do" your new mantra. Even though being true to your word can be difficult at times, make it into a discipline. When you make promises, deliver. There will be situations where you have made a promise but find it difficult to follow through, for whatever reason. You have to honor your discipline. Be conservative with your word. Never give your word unless you have to. But when you do, you have to deliver. It is the discipline of the path you have chosen to become a more authentic person.

Make Your Word Law.

Step #2: For the next nine days, be careful of what you say to others. Say only what you know and are able to back up. Doing so leads to excellence and intention. It builds your integrity and gains new respect from those around you. This will prove to people that your word is your law. When you truly embrace the concept of your word as law, you'll see benefits in your life immediately. Practice on making your word as law a purposeful act, follow through with actions, and be honorable.

Focus on What Matters.

Step #3: Write this down in your own journal or in the pages at the end of this book:

This book reaffirms my own commitment to my path, that my word is law. This is the path of intention. This is the path of power. This is the path of silence. Within our silence, our energy is preserved and our power restored. Saying what you mean and backing it up with action reinforces your life of excellence and strengthens your intentions.

By reaffirming your intentions, you are reaffirming your path and reclaiming your power. In doing so, your word becomes law. Your words become actions. Your actions define who you are and effect change.


In my book Darkness: The Power of Illumination, I discuss nine important steps for emerging from the darkness and into your place of power.

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