11/20/2012 03:38 pm ET Updated Jan 20, 2013

Expand Your View Point

When we live from our hearts, we don't look at the world from a place of fear over our fellow men and women. We see our world as safe because we believe in a Source that has our best interest at heart. We understand that there are two ways to live.

Conditioned by our perspective of life based on what we were taught and shown by others and what we have witness through our family and friends and even the effects of media. We have been predisposed to other beliefs and concepts that they gathered and passed on. However this doesn't mean they are right it's just there opinion justified by there conviction to keep what they believe as real cause of there investment into it.

However, when we live from knowledge of the world, we are only given a small view point -- an information tank from which to draw upon for our life's journey. This not only limits us it holds and confines us in a barrier of other peoples making. All of this is enough to drive a person mad, or just the opposite: to keep him trapped in a structure that holds him from exploring life and its many wonders and experiences that it offers all of us while being alive.

Who wants limited information? Wouldn't it be prudent to have a unlimited well spring of data to draw upon? Wouldn't that make life less confusing and more manageable? Instead of looking through a pin hole, you get to look at a wider more open scope.

Connect to the divine Source. The Source has a broader view of your life and sees all choice past present and future. If information is negative and has fear of hate of any kind in it, it's not from the Source.

The divine has your best interest and only wants you to be happy. So see the world with new eyes. Open yourself to more information and discover possibility.