11/29/2010 10:50 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Spiritual Revolution

In today's world, it seems that most spiritual teachers focus their work on people who already understand or have a basic knowledge of what they are talking about. Why are there so many spiritual leaders out there working to affect change on the planet, yet keeping it so far removed from the masses?

What about the part of society that doesn't have a clue? The people who are more focused and absorbed in who Kim Kardashian is dating or what Paris Hilton is wearing. These are the people who would benefit most from the teachings and knowledge that we spiritual beings have to offer. The problem is that so many healers, mystics, life coaches, Shamans and others are just too "woo-woo" for average day culture. It's like we expect a housewife to pick up and trek to the Amazon for a spiritual experience with a Shaman. Who are we kidding?

What we need is a spiritual revolution, one that doesn't exclude people based on their preferences or lifestyle choices. We have to be willing to move past our comfort zones into areas where we are not comfortable. We must be willing to accept humility to get our message of transformation out to the public and to open the eyes of the younger generation and those that follow.

It's time to stop playing it safe. Real change occurs when we are working from the unknown. What do you think it was like for Dr. Martin Luther King when he spoke about his dream to people who felt oppressed and were living with racism? What about Gandhi, when he stood up against the English, while others were too afraid? Both of these men stepped completely out of their comfort zones. This is how leaders are born.

We all say we want a revolution, that we want change. What are we really willing to do to make that possible? What are we willing to give up? What do we stand for? It seems that our society has lost a connection to the movement that was set in motion long ago. We've become followers instead of building new leaders. Do you know why? It's because we are afraid of the retaliation that all leaders must go through. What this retaliation really is, is resistance.

It is time for a revolution. It's time to walk into uncharted territory and to speak of love and creativity. It's time to spread words of hope, truth and freedom, and most of all, to be accessible and real. Remove the "woo-woo" from our spiritual teachings and make it about reaching as many people as we can through our divine expression and passion for life.