12/27/2013 05:02 pm ET Updated Feb 26, 2014

What I've Learned in 2013 as a 20-Something

As the 2013 year comes to an end I decided to go cliche and conjure up the top things I've learned this year that have shaped me into a better person as a 20-something.

1. Enjoying your own company. This year has been a real transition for me. As my personal and professional life changed there were things I outgrew and that included some friends. It will hurt, there will be friends that will turn envious of your success, others you will drift apart from. I definitely learned more about myself by enjoying my own company.

2. Take risks. You wouldn't be where you are today if you didn't.

3. Making time for family. We get so caught up in our own busy lives that we forget about the group of people that will ALWAYS be in our corner no matter the circumstance, and that's family.

4. Don't force yourself into loving someone who doesn't love his/her self. If it's not working in the beginning it's most likely not going to work EVER.

5. You will fail at times, but that's ok.

6. Traveling is the best money you can spend EVER.

7. Life is truly better with coffee.

8. My dad was right... about everything.

9. Mentoring is a big commitment, and patience takes time.

10. Treat yourself!

Feel free to contribute to what you learned in 2013 to help shape you into a better person!

Happy New Year!