02/03/2014 05:17 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2014

Life Coach Help: 7 Ways to Find Your Happy

Hiring a life coach can be confusing and unnerving! Whether you want more clarity, focus or need support navigating a tough transition, a life coach could be a resource for you, but really, what the heck is a life coach anyway?

A life coach is a partner who can help you reach your goals, and, if you don't have goals and can't seem to find your passion, we can help with that too.

To give you some insight into how coaching can work, I am going to share some highlights of my recent live goal-coaching session with my social sphere. Here's the recap of the most common questions that came up, and chances are, you can relate to them as well. These sessions are designed to help you create a life you totally dig.

Q: I am divorced and single, and now when I see engagement announcements, wedding pictures, and professions of love on Facebook, or couples kissing I feel extremely annoyed. I guess I feel like a failure in love right now. How do you recommend I turn this into a more positive thought?

A: Often times when we see others experiencing joy and we feel annoyed, it is because they have something we want but that we feel we "can't have." The annoyance and feelings of bitterness you feel stem from a place of feeling lonely or unworthy. Explore your insecurities to remove these emotions. One way to attract love into your life is to, each time you see others happy and in love, say to yourself, "That is on its way to me. The universe is showing me what is possible for me!" Instead of resenting other displays of affection, lean into them and share their joy!

Q: I would love to travel more, but money is a constraint.

A: Determine the trip you really want to take and figure out how much it will cost you. Pick a possible date to travel and work your way backwards. Do one thing everyday toward your goal. For example, look up house swaps, airfare, or put a deposit down for that cruise. Taking action toward your goal will empower you, and you will be showing the universe you are serious. The money will come when you focus and apply yourself to making the goal a reality.

Q: How did you stop the lapses of addiction? I find that when I am feeling trapped or stressed about my job, I fall back into my addictions.

A: When we turn to addiction it is usually because it is a habit that still serves us. Breaking free from addictions is possible with compassion and timing. Instead of resisting the addiction or looking at it as bad, consider looking at it as a learning tool. We turn to substances and addictions to help us feel better, which means there is an area of your life you are unhappy with; you said yours is your job. To resolve the addictive pattern, look at and address the area you are trying to hide or ignore.

Q: I am in a job I hate. I try to see the good, but it's so hard to power through the negativity around me and do a job I have no passion for. How do I break free from this and live my passion?

A: The best thing to do when feeling "stuck" between a place you are and the place you want to be (a different job) is to recognize you may still be in a learning phase. Part of building a bridge is to set yourself up for success in the long run. If the job you hate pays the bills while you fund your passion, you can turn to your job with appreciation enabling you to start that pursuit. By thanking your job for funding your future, you can have more compassion for the moment. Also, know that there is timing to everything; you may think you should be in your new job and new life now, but the universe has a plan greater than yours. Trust the process and know that every day you are creating more of what you love. Keep following your heart and know you are right where you need to be.

Q: I have done everything I thought I was supposed to do -- I got a degree, got a great job, got married, and yet I feel empty and unhappy inside. I thought I wanted this -- WTF?

A: The key word in your question is "supposed" to do. When we do what the world thinks we should do, or what we are "supposed" to do, we will always feel a sense of emptiness. This is because we are looking outside of ourselves and trying to fit the world. I learned in my own journey working in a corporate environment with it's accompanying enormous pressure of life, that trying to meet its demands and fit to what we are supposed to do, can leave us exhausted and depressed. The turning point is for you to recognize that everything you have done in your life up until now has prepared you to be who you are really supposed to be. Instead of regretting the past or thinking that it has kept you from where you " should be" recognize that the emptiness goes away when we turn inward for our happiness instead of looking for happiness outside of ourselves.

The reward comes when you ask yourself
1. Who am I?
2. What do I really want?
3. What can I do today that my future-self will hug me for?

Q: I have trouble with following through. I get excited about starting something new, but then I give up. How do I make myself follow through?

A: Making yourself do anything that feels like a chore will never serve you in the long run. The best thing to do is access "why" you started in the first place. Connect with the passion. Many times we give up to soon, or stop following through, because we lose sight of the why we started the journey which allows fear to step in. Sometimes we give up because it seems too hard to accomplish, or it will take too much time. To combat this, you can set tangible goals to help you reach your bigger goal. Do at least one thing every day that your future self will thank you for.

Q: I am struggling to find my purpose, how do I find my passion when I don't feel any?
A: A lot of the anxiety you feel right now is tied to the unknown future. This can prevent you from accessing joy and finding your passion. Set the intention that you are open to learning more about yourself and nourish the nudges. You will get guidance from your heart on things to try and do. Allow yourself to be present in the process and to be okay with not knowing. Everything will fall into place at the right time. Enjoy the journey, and know that every day you are learning more about yourself.

Working with a coach and setting goal setting is all about creating a life you are super in love with. It's not about being better or having more. Create a vision of your ideal life and set goals to get you there.

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