02/04/2013 11:35 am ET Updated Apr 06, 2013

Farewell, 30 Rock

Well nerds... after seven seasons on air and winning 14 Primetime Emmys and six Golden Globes, 30 Rock has come to its end. The one-hour series finale, which aired on NBC January 27, gave fans the a great sense of closure and provided numerous laughs, while referencing favorite moments and quotes from previous episodes. While 30 Rock will live on through re-runs, Thursdays will never be the same without our weekly dose of Liz Lemon.

Looking back on the series there have been so many amazing episodes that made up each season, and equally amazing guest stars that appeared throughout the years. While it was difficult to pick only 15 for each category, the following are my picks for the top 15 episodes and guest stars of 30 Rock over the last seven years. Grab some night cheese and enjoy!

Top 15 Episodes of 30 Rock:

The Rural Juror (Season 1) - Jenna (Jane Krakowski) stars in a film adaptation of a Kevin Grisham novel, The Rural Juror, a title that constantly baffles the cast and crew of TGS. After viewing a screener of the movie, Liz Lemon tells Jenna just how horrible she thinks the movie is, causing a rift between the two friends.

Rosemary's Baby (Season 2) - Liz Lemon befriends/hires one of her TV writer idols (Carrie Fisher) only to find out just how much she does not want to be like her. Meanwhile, Jack (Alec Baldwin) tries to get to the root of Tracy's (Tracy Morgan) daddy issues.

MILF Island (Season 2) - Jack and everyone at TGS is excited for the season finale of MILF Island. However, after one of TGS's cast/crew members is quoted in the New York Post saying demeaning comments about Jack, instead of watching the season finale of his hit show, he spends the time finding out who it was that was quoted.

Believe in the Stars (Season 3) - On the flight from jury duty in Chicago, Liz meets Oprah and asks her to help defuse the feud between Tracy and Jenna. Back at TGS, Tracy and Jenna continue their feud by embarking on a small social experiment.

The Funcooker (Season 3) - Jack commandeers the TGS writers to come up with a new name for GE's new pocket microwave. After Cerie updates Liz's information, Liz has to do jury duty on an arson case in NYC, while Tracy continues to try to get fined by the FCC.

Jackie Jormp-Jomp (Season 3) - Jack fakes Jenna's death as a marketing tool for their upcoming Janis Joplin biopic, as Liz Lemon finds herself bonding with a group single ladies during her time off from TGS for sexual harassment.

The Ones (Season 3) - Jack begins questioning whether he should marry Elisa (Salma Hayek) after finding out she killed her first husband for cheating on her. Jenna repeatedly puts Kenneth's life in danger in order to go on a date with a paramedic. Also, night cheese makes its first appearance in this episode.

Kidney Now! (Season 3) - Jack calls in a few favors with famous musicians to put together a benefit concert to get a kidney for his biological father, Milton (Alan Alda), whom he just met. Meanwhile, Liz finds fame in advice giving.

Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001 (Season 4) - Liz's new TV talk show Dealbreakers is starting shooting, however during that process Liz finds herself acting more and more like Jenna.

Anna Howard Shaw Day (Season 4) - Liz refuses to buy into the idea that you have to be with someone on Valentine's Day; however, she has to find someone to drive her home from her root canal surgery. This episode marks the first time we meet Avery Jessop (Elizabeth Banks) as she and Jack end up spending Valentine's Day together.

Christmas Attack Zone (Season 5) - Avery and Liz pressure Jack to tell his mother the secrets he has been keeping from her, but when he does, the get-together becomes the "Christmas Attack Zone." The best part of the episode, however, comes when Jenna and Paul (Will Forte) reunite to attend a party in the best outfits possible.

Mrs. Donaghy (Season 5) - Liz and Jack realize they accidentally were married instead of Jack and Avery, and both try to use this information to blackmail each other.

Queen of Jordan (Season 5) - Shot as an episode of Angie Jordan's (Sherri Shepard) new reality TV show Queen of Jordan, this episode includes one-on-one interviews with the characters and hilarious hijinx.

The Return of Avery Jessop (Season 6) - Avery returns from her kidnapping in North Korea, only to be met with Jack, who has a lot to confess. However, so does Avery... therefore another game of oneupmanship between Jack and Avery starts up.

15 Best 30 Rock Guest Stars

Will Arnett (Seasons 2-7) as Devon Banks - Jack's biggest rival.

Megan Mullally (Seasons 3 and 7) as Bev - Liz's adoption agent.

Elizabeth Banks (Seasons 4-8) as Avery Jessop - Jack's wife and mother to Elizabeth, Jack's daughter.

Chloë Grace Moretz (Seasons 5-7) as Kaylie Hooper - the troublesome and devious granddaughter of Hank Hooper, the head of Kabletown.

Salma Hayek (Seasons 3 and 7) as Elisa Padriera - Jack's girlfriend and almost wife.

Jon Hamm (Seasons 3-6) as Dr. Drew Baird - Liz's handsome but dumb boyfriend.

Dean Winters (Seasons 1-6) as Dennis Duffy - Liz's hilarious and very odd on-and-off boyfriend.

Chris Parnell (Seasons 1-7) as Dr. Leo Spaceman - Jack's "doctor."

Jennifer Aniston (Season 3) as Claire Harper - Liz and Jenna's crazy old roommate.

Steve Buscemi (Seasons 2-7) as Lenny Wosniak - Jack's wacky private detective.

Bryan Cranston (Season 6) as Ron - Kenneth's mom's "friend" Ron.

Carrie Fisher (Season 2) as Rosemary Howard - One of Liz's idols who turns out to be completely crazy.

Steve Martin (Season 3) as Gavin Volure - a agoraphobic former CEO who ends up being a con-man on house arrest.

Elaine Stritch (Seasons 2-7) as Colleen Donaghy - Jack's overbearing and very opinionated mother.

Susan Sarandon (Seasons 5-6) as Lynn Onkman - Frank's teacher who fell in love with him when he was 14 and was arrested and became a registered sex offender for it.

What are your favorite episodes? Who are your favorite guest stars?