12/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Palin's "Medical Records" Released

The McCain/Palin camp has released Governor Palin's medical records. Well, that's what they are calling a two page letter from Sarah Palin's doctor... yep, that's it. Read it for yourself. Does she think this is releasing your medical records? That's like saying a book report is the same as the book. The letter was written by a friend and doctor of Governor Palin. The 48-year-old doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson was nominated by the Alaska Chapter of AAFP, which had presented her with the Alaska Family Physician of the Year award for 2001." Letters of recommendation came from a variety of people, including the mayor of Wasilla and a commissioner for the state of Alaska."

A few babies later...Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson of Wasilla is a private practice family physician and the 2002 National Family Physician of the Year from the American Academy of Family Physicians. In 1999, Baldwin-Johnson co-founded and is the volunteer medical director of The Children's Place, and since 2005 has served as a consultant and trainer on child abuse issues. Baldwin-Johnson graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine where she participated in the WWAMI Medical School program. Governor Palin appointed Baldwin-Johnson in May of 2007 to Alaska Health Care Strategies Planning Council.

This story just keeps getting weirder. The fascination with her health records stems from the rumor/cover-up birth of her fifth son. Frankly, Sarah Palin's official story has always been more disturbing than the conspiracy. Last spring there was the big announcement of Sarah Palin's 5th pregnancy. I'm pro-choice, happy she was able to make whatever choice was best for her family. With her oldest child in the military, three more at home, and one on the way, she was getting quite a bit done. I would have wanted a nap and a spa, but that's just me. In the last few weeks of her pregnancy she was flying all over the country. She flew to Washington D.C. then off to a conference of Republican Governors in Dallas. Her water broke in Texas. She decided to fly back to Alaska to have her 5th child that she knew had Downs Syndrome. She passed up some of the finest children's hospitals in Dallas, Seattle and Anchorage. She flew several hours and then drove 50 miles to her home town and had her baby. I admire her ability to hold a child in during all those hours and miles above the Earth while she was in labor. I'm impressed with her staunch Alaskan loyalty to deliver her baby on Native Soil. Her explanation of coming home while in labor was a joke. No, a real one. "You can't have a fish picker from Texas," said Todd Palin. But had I been traveling on the way to take a loved one off life support, or attend a wedding, or job interview, or any of the other major life events that we commute on planes for, and was diverted by a woman who knowingly got on board after her water broke, I may not admire her uterine control so much. Her lack of judgment for fellow passengers seems obvious, but for someone who is so "pro-life" it seems reckless.

The two page report from Palin's doctor is an example of how she keeps a promise to "release her medical records." Just think what she would do to uphold her oath to the Constitution.