11/07/2012 03:30 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Thank You People of the Battleground States

Dear People of the Battleground States,

As a phone banker for the Obama for America Grassroots Campaign, I just wanted to say 'thank you' for your kindness, patience and humorous interactions after being called incessantly for months now. I phone banked for Obama the last couple of days - in fact right up until the polls were closing in Colorado last night - and I was very apprehensive to call people in battleground states, knowing full well that they must be at their wits end with the swat coverage of all the election phone calls they'd been getting.

What I did not expect was the kindness, humor, understanding and compassion that I was met with on the other end of the phone line. Although most were indeed phone weary by Monday morning, pretty much everyone I spoke with understood the need for the phone calls and was willing to provide the information we needed to help win this election.

To Donna in Colorado, I hope you brought your ID to the polls and that you weren't asked for it, and that you did actually end up exercising your right to vote. And I hope your disability issues are resolved soon.

To David in Colorado, I hope that the number I gave you was able to provide a ride to get you to the polls, and that that number was able to refer you to someone who could talk with you about your entitlements on services under Obamacare.

To Leanne in Virginia, thank you for updating me on what was happening in real time in Virginia while I had you on the phone. Your update to me on the unprecedented polls turn out made me stay on an extra 3 hours at the phone bank - you got me that fired up to finish the job!

To Marilyn in Virginia, your sense of humor was exactly what I needed when I dialed your number, you and your daughter are funny people and I appreciate your sense of humor in a stressful situation.

To Damian in Wisconsin, I hope that some day you will understand just how important it is to exercise your right to vote, and that you participate in 2016.

And to the dude in Colorado who answered the phone with, "Obama can kiss my butt!", I say 'thank you' for at least exercising your right to vote. You may not have voted for the President, but I'm glad you got out there and voted for what you believed in.

So to all the people I spoke to in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and Colorado, thank you for being kind to us phone bankers. We were just trying to do our job and get Obama re-elected, and your willingness to speak with us politely and with humor, made our jobs so much easier, and that much more enjoyable. Thank you for getting out to the polls, and well done!

* Names have been changed to protect privacy.