01/28/2015 04:13 pm ET Updated Mar 30, 2015

14 Wishes for My Son

Shari Medini

In 14 years, you will be my 18-year-old son. We will have gone through many trials and tribulations together. We will be different people in 14 years. I will be a different mother. You will be a different child; mostly because you won't be a child at all. You will be a teenager, a young adult, a -- gulp -- man. I will have no idea how we've gotten to that point. I will still watch you nervously as you push the boundaries. I will watch you leave the nest with mixed emotions. I will hope that what I've done has been enough.

But I'm sure I won't be alone. Because I will have other moms beside me... hoping along with me...

  1. I hope you're successful, but not so successful that you've breezed through life.
  2. I hope you're smart, but not so smart that you're bored in class.
  3. I hope you're kind, but not so kind that people walk all over you.
  4. I hope you're handsome, but not so handsome that girls throw themselves at you.
  5. I hope you're a mama's boy, but not such a mama's boy that you have no independence.
  6. I hope you're strong, but not so strong that people wonder if you do steroids.
  7. I hope you're patient, but not so patient that you sit back and watch life roll by.
  8. I hope you're passionate, but not so passionate that you marry the first girl you see.
  9. I hope you're balanced, but not so balanced that you become boring.
  10. I hope you're competitive, but not so competitive that you become a sore loser.
  11. I hope you're determined, but not so determined that you will destroy anything in your path.
  12. I hope you're optimistic, but not optimistic that you can't accept reality.
  13. I hope you're brave, but not so brave that you get yourself into trouble.
  14. I hope you're happy, but... nothing. I just want you to be happy...

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