12/08/2014 03:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Yes. I Do Know.

Digital Vision. via Getty Images

I met a mom friend at the park today, and when she asked how I was, my response was, "oh, you know..."

She said, "Yes. I do know"

And that is exactly why we need mom friends.

They know that you felt obligated to go to the park because it was 65 degrees in November.

They know that you would rather be at home (or more honestly, in bed).

They know that you got all the kids ready to "go have fun" just for them to whine through the whole process.

They know that everyone is just always a little bit sick the entire winter and therefore, a little bit grouchy.

They know that you really want to chat with them, but probably won't finish a single story.

They know that a child hollering from the top of a play structure takes precedence over cooing over their new baby.

They know that you would love to hold said baby, but you need to keep your arms free to scoop up injured toddlers.

They know that you appreciate their friendship even if you might hurriedly leave a playdate without a real goodbye.

They also know that you might write a whole post about their simple response to you at the playground...