03/29/2012 08:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Thank Based God

The Based God is legendary. Revolutionary, iconic, and prolific to say the least, he's quickly become one of the most polarizing figures in hip hop. His "Based" movement that started in Berkeley, California has now reached the east coast, and even over seas. Controversial lyrics like "bitches on my dick cause I look like Jesus Christ" consistently make him a topic of discussion on the hip hop gossip sites. With over 400,000 twitter followers and millions of youtube views it doesn't seem like we'll be getting rid of Lil Boss anytime soon.

Brandon McCartney, more commonly known as Lil B, has created an innovative new style of rap more similar to that of spoken word. Following a "stream of consciousness" type of flow he freestyles over instrumentals conveying his most honest and sincerest emotions. This avant-garde approach to rap has resulted in a large cult like following for the California MC. To appease the Based God and show their undying devotion daily "girlfriend offerings" are made by fans via twitter and even during live performances (this actually happens). Stemming from
an alib in his hit "Wonton Soup" this, like many other Based God lyrics, has taken on a life of its own.

Its remarkable that an unsigned artist could generate so much interest with the current state of the industry. With no famous guest appearances, radio spins, or backing from a major label, Lil B has still managed to develop an internet following large enough to keep him touring everywhere from L.A. to the U.K. Since 2011 his tireless work ethic has produced an unprecedented ten mixtapes. In an era where it seems quantity is more valuable than quality that stat alone is grounds enough for major respect. But make no mistake Lil B's music is most certainly quality, actually it is of the highest. Its just hard for some to accept that he doesn't fit into the traditional parameters of what a rapper should be. He raps about being broke, calls himself a bitch, and even had the audacity to entitle an album I'm Gay. Way too outlandish for many hip-hop purists to co-sign, but isn't that the essence of the culture itself; new innovative methods of self expression without any rules to stifle your creativity?

Based God represents the future. Whether its his music or the lane the music is creating his impact will be revolutionary. He's continuously pushed the boundaries of subject matter with songs about domestic violence, Aids, cancer, gang violence and many other topics rap artists are too afraid to address. Along with his radical delivery and style of dress he's become a pioneer of the "new age" of hip hop. Although multi-platinum mainstream success may never be a reality for this McCartney, for future generations his influence will be undeniable.