06/15/2010 04:04 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Cooling the Flames of Our Passion

Let's face it girlfriends -- there are just too many snarky journalists floating around cyberspace these days. They are most likely passionate women, but their anger and sarcasm often detracts from the important message they want to share. Why all the snarkiness? Sounding cranky never got any kid more dessert or a later bedtime so why do so many women activists feel the need to be so irritable?

We have so many important issues to expose and explore -- human trafficking, domestic violence, poverty, discrimination -- so much work to be done for and about women. There must be a better way to allow people to hear our call, learn about the challenges and support our efforts. Why don't we try to model compassion and understanding, loving kindness and collaboration? As feminists, we know we have the potential to create new models of partnership and we see the limitless opportunities to make the world a safer and healthier place for women and men. Our expansive vision and unending energy towards a peaceful society are attributes that should make us smile and feel grateful for each day.

We, as activists and women, work well together and are anxious to share our successes with one another. But the snarky, angry voice of the citizen journalist or seasoned writer separates us and reduces our potential impact on creating positive change. All the complaining and blame negates the message. We should guard against the fire of frustration and annoyance and embrace methods of compassionate communication and open-hearted, respectful action.

United together and cultivating a positive platform for change, we can make an extraordinary difference.