06/09/2011 08:48 am ET Updated Aug 09, 2011

5 Healing Spices for Your Health

Want to pump up your healing potential? Are you ready to add some spice to your life? I mean literally -- add spices to your daily health regimen to prevent and treat the chronic diseases plaguing us. High in powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, spices are a perfect way to add new flavor to your favorite dishes while guarding your health. There is plenty of scientific research worldwide to confirm the use of culinary spices to boost your healing power.

So what exactly is a spice? It is not an herb. A spice may come from the seed, root, leaf, stem, flower, bud, bark or fruit of a plant. Spices are formerly leaves of herbs left to dry; they tend to be aromatic and add flavor to recipes. One big difference to remember is that spices are all edible while some herbs are not.

Here are five spices that you can start adding to your diet today:

Spice Up Your Life

It is easy to jump in and add some spice to your life -- most spices can be found at a conventional supermarket. I recommend seeking out the smaller, local ethnic markets where spices can be found depending on their cultural origins. It is also the perfect place to learn how the spices are used and get tips on what spices are traditionally used together. If you live out in the country, there are now many online spice markets available that have every possible exotic spice for you, too.

So tonight add a new spice to your dinner menu. I highly recommend getting a copy of my new favorite book, "Healing Spices" by Bharat Aggarwal, PhD with Debora Yost.

Here's to you taking charge of your health! Can't wait to hear how you spice up your life.
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