09/23/2010 03:12 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Shifting Into Peace

It's been a big week for the peace activist community. How many of us participated in the September 18th synchronized peace prayer spearheaded by Earthwatch International?

Wait--perhaps 'spearheaded' is not the right verb choice to describe the launching of a peace prayer. I now wonder if I would have noticed this descriptive flaw if I had not spent a week awakening my own personal peace consciousness. The inward shift happens individually but the intention is for there to be a renewed awareness and an interrelationship that occurs, a lifting up of people in community, a building of a culture of peace and connection. Collective prayer and meditation has always fascinated me. Their potential powers most have yet to embrace and appreciate.

I participated in the peace prayer and pledged to include peace into my daily meditation practice, adding my effort to the Million Minutes of Peace project. This past week has definitely elevated my "peace activist" radar. I am reading and thinking more about peace and peace work than I have in many months. As I was live streaming in on Clinton's Global Initiative conference, I listened with a heightened sensibility and watched through a lens that was seeing the partners for peace within every panel.

A week's worth of words and wisdom about peaceful coexistence, love and compassion was shared during the Peace Week Global TeleSummit. A diverse mix of leaders and thinkers expressed their hopes, dreams and passions for peace and the need for a collective soul force to make peace a reality. People were often welcomed to participate and I heard the voices of "everyday people" who wanted to be heard and their voices counted.

After a weeklong dose of peace talk and thought, I do feel the internal shift and the notion of being an active participant in a global peace consciousness is an alliance I wholeheartedly wish to join.