03/15/2013 06:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Content Brief: What Does Google Glass Mean for Marketing?

This year's SXSW Interactive was a little bit like stepping onto the bridge of the starship Enterprise.

From the MakerBot Digitizer, which lets users scan a physical object and print it in 3D, to Leap Motion's award-winning gesture-based controller, it was a preview of futuristic tech that in a few years will undoubtedly be integrated into our lives. And buzz-winner Google Glass, Google's augmented-reality, Internet-connected specs, was no exception.

From search to shopping to apps, Glass and the tech it represents opens up a whole new world.

And of course, as with any product that seems so ahead of its time that it's hard for people to wrap their heads around it (John C. Dvorak will never live this down), there are those who can't wait to tell you why it will fail.

But dismissing Glass as some silly gadget neatly sidesteps the bigger picture: always-connected, wearable tech is the future, whether it takes the form of glasses, watches, wristbands or whatever else some enterprising developer is probably working on right now. If you're not continually creating and modifying your brand's message to take advantage of devices and platforms as they emerge onto the public consciousness, you're just putting your head in the sand.

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