08/02/2013 08:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

WATCH: Can Marketing Make Lives Better?

What can advertising do for consumers? That's what brands will need to ask themselves, as the future of marketing becomes all about function and usefulness.

With people tuning out the increasing barrage of traditional advertising, brands are figuring out ways to integrate their messaging into consumers' lives in a meaningful way.

As Mark Earls and Johny Willshire put it in their presentation: "Advertising in 2020," it's a transition from making people want things, to making things people want.

From Google Play billboards that let travelers easily download entertainment to billboards that literally generate water from the air, you can check out how some out-of-home campaigns are bringing brand utility into the real world in the latest episode of The Content Brief from Freshwire below.

You can also watch last week's episode on the rising health and wellness segment of wearable technology right here.