08/12/2013 06:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

WATCH: Is Our Digital Food Obsession Changing How We Eat?

Spend any time on the Internet, and you'll see food. Like, a lot. You'll practically be assaulted by food. But is the digital revolution actually changing how and what we eat?

The Internet has already made ordering meals simple (though some restaurants are chilling on the idea). But as Amazon gets into the fresh food delivery game, the entire industry could be disrupted.

According to The Hartman Group (PDF), social media itself is changing the entire life cycle of our meals, from planning (43% of Americans regularly use social platforms to plan their meals), shopping (according to Willard Bishop's June 2013 report, The Future of Food Retailing, e-grocery food sales increased 16.9% in 2012), preparing (with tips and recipes from communities like BakeSpace), and even the eating itself (which you've seen in the billion instances of people sharing pics of their meals online).

About that last one: scientists actually looked into the virtual meal-sharing phenomenon earlier in the year. The finding? People who can't get a morsel down without documenting it online might have some deeper issues.

But you probably guessed that already.

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