11/03/2014 01:17 pm ET Updated Jan 03, 2015

5 Ways to Get Over a Recent Breakup

Relationships can be volatile, and even the sweetest-seeming romance with the best intentions can end in a hard breakup for both parties. Breaking up is hard to do and even harder to cope with, even if both of you mutually agree that breaking up and moving on is the right decision.

That "moving on" part can be quite difficult, but these five coping strategies can help you get over your recent split:

1. Take time to grieve.

First, don't try to ignore the fact that it happened or immediately replace your ex with a new partner. Take some time to grieve your lost relationship alone and find your own way to cope with it. Postponing or burying your emotions will only lead to disaster.

2. Forgive your ex.

It may be hard to do, especially if the relationship did not end on good terms, but before you can move on, you need to find a way to forgive your ex. Write a letter of forgiveness -- even if you don't send it.

3. Express yourself.

Find a creative outlet for yourself, whether that's in writing, painting, singing or some other creative art form. Express your emotions through a medium.

4. Learn from the experience.

Write down the lessons you learned. What could have gone better? What could have gone differently? What can you do to prevent such a situation in the future?

5. Find a way to get out.

Don't stay cooped up in your home; find a way to go out! Whether you go out by yourself or with friends, getting out of the house and having some fun is the perfect cure for any post-breakup blues.

Put these five useful strategies to good use, and you'll be over your ex before you know it! Breakups can be very healthy, and in time, you'll be ready for a new partner, and a new, exciting adventure.