11/10/2014 11:36 am ET Updated Jan 10, 2015

6 Texts to Avoid in a New Relationship

Peopleimages via Getty Images

Relationships can be sensitive, especially at the beginning. First dates are especially nerve-wracking because it feels like one wrong move could leave your potential partner with the wrong impression. The same is true in your early rounds of communication through texting -- too much can get lost in translation or misinterpreted when expressed through stagnant text.

While it's important to be yourself in a relationship, you should also avoid making a bad impression or offending your potential partner with these six negative texts:

1. Why aren't you responding? This text can make you seem desperate, especially if you haven't given your partner much time to respond. It can be nerve-wracking to wait for a response to a sensitive text, but don't hound your partner or annoy them.

2. We're breaking up. No matter what the situation is, breaking up over a text message is a bad idea. It's insensitive, and doesn't give your partner a chance for face-to-face closure.

3. Where were you last night? Asking this question out of curiosity can be alright, but don't make yourself seem paranoid or clingy. Desperately nosing around for personal details will only make you seem controlling or irrational.

4. You shouldn't do that. You are an equal partner in a relationship. Unless you're warning against the dangers of something truly life-threatening, don't try to boss your partner around. They're free to do what they want to do, and if you don't like it, you can express that without trying to forcibly change their behavior.

5. Send me a sexy pic. Asking for a nude or provocative photo over text message is in poor taste, unless you've already clearly established boundaries and expectations with your partner.

6. You _____. Insulting someone over a text message is always a bad thing--even if it's done playfully, or intended with a degree of humor, it can easily be taken the worst way.