09/17/2014 05:04 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2014

Signs of Compatibility You Can't Ignore

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There are many possible signs of compatibility, but these are too powerful to ignore.

When you first start dating someone, it's almost impossible to tell whether he/she could be a potential long-term relationship partner. Even if things go extraordinarily well, there could be factors that prevent you from being compatible. Likewise, if things go extraordinarily bad, there's still a chance you two are perfect together.

As you continue to go on more dates with your partner, keep an eye out for these signs of compatibility -- and take note:

• You laugh at the same time. Laughing at the same time means two things: first, you find the same things funny, and second, you have a natural rhythm together. People laugh when they're comfortable, but they also laugh when they're nervous, so if the two of you are laughing at the same time it means you're both of a common mind.

• Your conversations have a natural rhythm. Conversations can go many ways, but some incompatible couples tend to have long, drawn-out awkward pauses or one person dominating the other. Great conversations have a natural back-and-forth rhythm with minimal interruptions and momentary, comfortable pauses.

• You can finish each other's sentences. It's a giant cliché, but if you do find yourselves finishing each other's sentences, it could be a sign of deep compatibility. After all, great minds do think alike.

• You make eye contact comfortably and often, without thinking about it. Eye contact is a sure sign that you like someone, but try not to think too much about it. If the two of you make natural eye contact regularly and without awkwardness, it's a sign you're both into each other.

Of course, love can't be reduced to a simple series of factors, no matter how hard you try. Above all else, trust your heart -- your instinct will never lead you astray.