Women Should Choose Miracles Over Fear in 2013

Gabrielle Bernstein is a bright and shining light, a feminine voice of great impact. When Gabby mentioned her new book, May Cause Miracles, I asked if we could sit down together and chat about our parallel missions to elevate the feminine in 2013.
01/10/2013 03:29 pm ET Updated Mar 12, 2013

What can I tell the world about Gabrielle Bernstein that you don't already know? Perhaps you caught Gabrielle's recent appearance on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday? Or you are a member of HerFuture.com, her illuminating social networking site for women? Maybe her first two books, Spirit Junkie and Add More ~Ing to Your Life, are nestled on your bookshelf and you're already tucking into her newest, May Cause Miracles.

I can tell you that Gabrielle Bernstein is a bright and shining light, a feminine voice of great impact. She and I met after she became a student at my women's fitness studio, Sheila Kelley S Factor in New York. At S Factor, we empower women by teaching them the natural language of their bodies through fluid feminine movement. Gabrielle, or Gabby, as friends call her, empowers women and men by teaching them self-love strategies through meditation and affirmations. It's a miraculous transformation for every person. Where S Factor ignites love and body connection through movement, Gabby does so through thought. So when Gabby mentioned her new book, May Cause Miracles, I asked if we could sit down together and chat about our parallel missions to elevate the feminine in 2013.

SK: Hi Gabby! Congratulations on your new book. I'm such an advocate for women because I believe that the power of the feminine is the core of the universe. That we as women are tapped into the consciousness of the planet through mind, body, heart, and soul. I read that you decided to write your new book because you "[heard] the call from [your] readers." Was this actual reader feedback, or more of a tapping into the collective consciousness of what the world needs? Or both? And where did you go from there?

GB: Oh sister, you're speaking my language. I heard my audience literally and spiritually. I literally heard their call through Twitter, Facebook, emails, and in my lecture audiences. Many folks were asking me for help and direction. But on a deeper level, I could feel the collective consciousness of my community. I felt their need and desire for guidance. I felt their longing for direction. I believe that when you fall in love with your readers you intuitively know what they need next.

SK: I agree. And we have a mutual friend, Mastin Kipp. I recently became a contributor to TheDailyLove, and I know that you are too. I love the idea of providing a daily jewel of guidance for self-growth. I know that May Cause Miracles also has a daily growth strategy, 40 days of thought practices to be exact. What is it about a daily strategy that lends itself to transformation? Was there a reasoning behind your precise choice of 40 days? And how would you encourage someone who has difficulty sticking with a daily strategy?

GB: Like any effective practice, true transformation occurs with daily repetition. Begin with a 40-day commitment and start experiencing positive results immediately. Why 40 days? Metaphysicians and yogis place much emphasis on the repetition of a 40-day practice. Mythical examples range from Moses's 40 days and 40 nights spent on Mount Sinai, to the story of the Buddha reaching enlightenment on the full moon in May after meditating and fasting under the Bodhi tree for 40 days [...] We should take a cue from the mystics and the scientists and commit to a 40-day fear cleanse. It's the simple, consistent shifts that count when you're making change -- so I've outlined this journey to be fun and achievable. The journey guides readers to keep it uncomplicated and stay on track. And one day at a time, they'll become a miracle worker. By choosing to follow this journey for the next 40 days, they'll begin to reprogram their thoughts from fear back to love. If they dig the results, they can stick to the path and commit to a life as a miracle worker.

SK: Fear is a major thread running through your book. I've personally learned that fear is a major block for many women when it comes to the movement of their bodies. I know that week one of the May Cause Miracles 40-day guide specifically deals with fear in the mind. What do you believe is the origin of fear in the mind? How does it alter your perception? Why is it so easy to feed fear, and yet so difficult to release it?

GB: Fear is an epidemic. Far too often, people play small, stay stuck and avoid stepping into their power because of fear. As a student and teacher of the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles I see fear as a false belief system that we choose to hook into. When we choose fear, we make the wrong choice. The intention behind May Cause Miracles is to help readers make a new choice: love. Releasing fear requires honesty, willingness and dedication. This book will guide women and men on the path to one day at a time let go of their fear-based attachments.

SK: We have another mutual friend... Oprah! You were recently a guest on Super Soul Sunday as a thought leader in the next wave of spiritual leaders. I've found that "next wave" often means that you are introducing thoughts and practices that the world may not yet be ready for. Since your appearance on the show, have you found that women and men are now more open to spiritual growth practices? Overall, do you think the world is ready for May Cause Miracles? And what would you say to that person who is skeptical about their power to change their life path?

GB: I am very grateful to Oprah for holding space for me on her platform. I am also grateful for the programming that she shares on OWN. The world needs more miracle workers, and Oprah is inspiring us to step into our power every day with the beautiful messages on her network.

I do believe that the world is ready for miracles. Let's face it: We need a quantum shift. It is a great privilege to witness so many people embrace May Cause Miracles and show up for the 40-day program with enthusiasm and fierce conviction.

SK: Speaking of quantum shifts, I'm a firm believer that the fourth wave of feminism is a human movement toward the reclamation of the beauty and genius of both the masculine and feminine. Your social networking site HerFuture.com is a place for women to be inspired and empowered through their social connections with other women. What do you believe is the single most important thing women need to achieve globally in 2013? For example, is it a piece of legislation, a global thought shift, a new presence, voice or call to action?

GB: What I hope women achieve globally in 2013 is to step into their authentic power. It's one thing to have a lot of success and make a lot of money, but it's another thing entirely to lead from a truthful place. No one can deny our truth. Therefore, my hope is that more women feel confident to speak their truth and share it with the world.

SK: One final question. One of my favorite quotes from you is, "The universe has my back." What did you mean by this, and is it true for everyone?

GB: This is my mantra. I believe that when you live from a state of faithfulness, you're more calm, more powerful and more fun. Faith is the greatest gift you can offer yourself and the world. My hope and my intention for May Cause Miracles is to help readers strengthen their faith so that they can trust that the universe has their back and live a miraculous life!

SK: I love that, and I'm excited about the prospect of more women finding and sharing their voice, purpose and radiant feminine power this year. Thank you for sharing yours, Gabby. Happy New Year and cheers to elevating the global femme in 2013.

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