05/19/2014 10:32 am ET Updated Jul 19, 2014

What Is True Success

What does success mean to you?

To varied people success means different things. But can we find a definition for success, which applies to all of us. I believe so. Success is discovering and doing the Will of God for our lives, and the divine purpose for which we have been created. Each of us has a destiny to fulfill. All of us are here on this earth for a reason.

Regardless of how you and I got here, God knew we were coming, and He fashioned a plan and purpose for our lives, long before we even arrived. His purpose for our lives is the only thing that can fulfill us, and bring our hearts true satisfaction. Apart from the purpose, we will never be happy within. And many of us are weeping inside, because we know that we are not fulfilled and truly happy. Money, fame and you name it, will never give you that inner sense of peace and contentment that living in your true purpose will bring you.

You are a person of awesome potential and ability. Yes you are. Do not doubt your worth and value. You are a creation of the Most High God. And He did not make junk. You have something to offer humanity, which can be a blessing to the world. You can be known for something specific. You are actually here for something specific. Discover what that special something is. Ask God to show you what it is. Then get to it. Pursue it. Develop it. And ensure that you use your gift to affect people's lives for the better. Here are a few tips on discovering your God-ordained purpose:

Realize that you are not an accident. Regardless of how you got here, God knew you were coming. And in His great love for you, He devised the perfect plan for your life. Don't waste time any longer. God wants to use you to help others, bless others, empower others and make a difference in the lives of others. So, do not think of yourself as worthless and valueless anymore. You are here for a purpose. Seize this moment. It belongs to you.

Ask the Creator to reveal His plan and purpose for you, to you. He loves you, and longs to reveal Himself to you. Your gifts and talents come from Him, and He alone knows how to show bring them to the fullest and highest potential. Even if you have experienced a measure of what appears to be success, outside of the will of God, you have little to no idea what true and lasting success is. There is a fullest in doing the will of God which is beyond words. Nothing compares to it.

When God reveals His purpose for your life to you, prepare yourself by developing your gifts and talents to the best of your ability. If you need to further your education, do so. If you need voice lessons for singing, or music lessons for the instrument you desire to play, then get the training you need. If your aspiration is business, then read and learn from the experienced masters of the craft. If it is writing, become a reader and learn from those who have already done what you sense in your heart you should be doing. Pay attention to detail. Preparation is vital to doing whatever you do in an excellent manner. So do not take your days of training and preparation for granted.

Do your best always. It takes effort to fulfill and realize your potential. But the God Who gave you purpose also empowers you to fulfill it. Take the steps you need to take. Stay focus and stay determined and watch Him use your life to powerfully help and positively influence others.