12/27/2005 12:28 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Breaking the Media Monopoly

My first book, Road To Air America, was published in November, 2004 and sold approximately 4000 copies. It was not exactly a best seller, but I thought it was a pretty good start for me. I never got any meaningful publicity nor did I seriously seek it. I wrote the book for my wife Anita and me. My next book, Defying The Distortion, is coming out this April or May. In it, I expand upon the ways to break up the mainstream media’s obedience to the rich and powerful. And one of the methods that I do not endorse is just to complain about them.

While I enjoy the commentaries about the hosts of the Sunday “freak shows” such as Tim Russert and others, these hosts are making millions of dollars and have already been bought. I do not believe that Russert and his ilk are bad people. However, he and the other news anchors on the MSM fit a mold that is acceptable to corporate America and that mold will not change. MSM do not want independent reporters who will not necessarily follow the corporate loyalty code. The days of independent news divisions are long gone. The Murrows and Cronkites of the news media will have to come from independent organizations that promote hard hitting investigative journalism.

I believe in the idea that the best way to change the future is to invent it. So for all you complainers about what is happening in MSM, there is an alternative. Complaining about Russert will not change him or the others who have already sold out their journalistic capabilities. These rich news people will always rationalize what they are doing. It is part of human nature. It is time for all the complainers of the world to go out and support an independent media source of your choice. Get actively involved as a volunteer if you cannot afford to make a donation.

Anita and I chose to do that almost 4 years ago when we started Air America Radio. We stopped complaining and started doing something about it. In that spirit, Anita and I have started a radio acquisition company for smaller communities in America. We have also started a non-profit organization to promote independent journalism in America. It is called the 4th Estate Society. Hopefully we can make a further contribution to breaking the stranglehold on journalism in America. And, maybe this time we will get some support from the progressive elites.