03/31/2015 04:02 pm ET Updated May 31, 2015

This Is Nursing

This is why I fell in love with my coworkers and with our nursing profession. I cannot look at this picture without getting a little teary. If you're religious, what religion you practice, whatever it is you may believe in... none of it matters. When we've had a horrific outcome, when we have had a close call, when one of our own is sick, we come together. We pray for our patients, we pray for their babies, we pray for our families, and we pray for our coworkers.

When times are tough. When times are rough.

This is nursing. It's nurses, and physicians, and midwives, and unit clerks, and scrub techs, and patient care assistants and management, and even housekeepers! We are family. This is one of my work families, and I'm so proud to say that I work here, at Houston Methodist San Jacinto and Texas Children's Hospital Pavilion for Women. Whatever our days bring, whatever walks through the door, we have each other. This isn't going on at just this hospital, in this city. This happens at every hospital, everywhere. I hope the people we serve know how we care for them, how we hurt for them. And I know how we care and hurt for each other. Sometimes we huddle together in the break room, sometimes we hug each other in an empty room. When we are blindsided by the unexpected or when our patients are blindsided, we cry together, we cry alone, and we cry at home. We're the only ones that know what kind of work we really do, and if we didn't have each other, it just wouldn't be nursing.

Until my next delivery ♥

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