12/29/2009 08:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

AT&T Recants, Selling iPhone Online in NYC Again: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer December 29, 2009

After a day of unavailability, AT&T is once again selling the iPhone to New Yorkers online. While the network says online sales were stalled due to fraudulent activity, most consumers seem to be believe that the unavailability came from AT&T's weak network in New York City. Either way, users are once again free to purchase new iPhone's online.

While using electronic devices during the last hour of a flight may be restricted, the TSA has lifted a ban on in flight Live TV. Accordingly, JetBlue relaunched its DirecTV service, giving passengers the ability to watch television confined to their seats. While live TV is a plus, the move does little to aid passengers who've grown accustomed to in flight computer usage and Wi-Fi.

Karsten Nohl, a German computer programmer, hacked the code which protects mobile phone calls. The GSM security code secures nearly 80% of cellular phones currently in use, protecting them from hackers who may want to listen in on phone calls. While Nohl said he hacked the system and published the encryption online so cell phone manufacturers would increase security, the committee behind the GSM said that while the hack is legitimate, the security code is very complicated and would not give hackers the ability to listen in on other peoples phone calls.

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