12/21/2009 11:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cop Pulls Gun During Snow Ball Fight, Immediately Hits Twitter: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer December 21, 2009

After being hit with over a foot of snow over the weekend, Twitter users in Washington D.C. organized a snow ball fight. The crowd-sourced snow ball fight was all in good fun, until an off duty police officer brandished a gun while trying to drive through the melee. Almost instantly, pictures and video of the officer holding his weapon were uploaded to web and shared on social networks. Just another reminder that people everywhere are watching what you do in public, and then, sharing it with the world.

Barnes & Noble's Nook eReader has been subject to several delays this holiday season. Now, B&N is telling customers that pre- orders that don't arrive before Christmas, as planned, will receive $100 Barnes & Noble gift card. In addition, sources say that the Nook, which received lackluster reviews when it was unveiled, will get a software update this week that will reportedly fix many of the bugs that plagued the new device.

A battle between Time Warner Cable and News Corp could leave TV viewers with less channels. The problem stems from carriage and retransmission fees, which the cable provider pays to the channel in order to broadcast its content. While Time Warner Cable is already running an ad campaign that asks subscribers if they want to "roll over, or get tough", if a deal is not reached, News Corp is expected to tell users to watch Fox content on Hulu, or purchase an HD antenna, which lets users watch broadcast channels for free in High Definition.

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