11/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Senator Ted "Tubes" Stevens Guilty On All Counts: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer October 28, 2008

A jury convicted Senator Ted "Tubes" Stevens on all seven felony counts which violated federal ethics laws. Stevens is guilty of failing to report thousands of dollars in gifts and home renovations. Stevens, who was until recently Alaska's most prominent political figure, will always be known for his idiotic tirade on the Internet, which he described "as a series of Tubes."

Verizon posted a 31% increase in profit for the third quarter. Verizon noted that much of the profit is due to an increase of 2.1 million customers for Verizon Wireless, bringing the total to 70.8 million subscribers. The communications company's stocked jumped 10.1 yesterday on the positive report.

Microsoft unveiled a plan to offer companies access to its cloud computers. The new service, Windows Azure, allows company's to rent space on computers and subscribe to Microsoft's software online. Microsoft is the latest tech company to jump on the cloud computing trend, following both Amazon and Google.

Analysts have noted that both retailers and manufacturers are dropping the price of Blu-ray players. Target, Walmart and Best Buy have each dropped entry-level Blu-ray players to below $230, with analysts predicting could fall as low as $150 on Black Friday.

Plus, today's consulting question, "Why is Hulu having problems selling ads?" Shelly has the answer on today's MediaBytes.

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