03/06/2008 11:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Fear Mongers: McCain, Clinton, the MSM, and the Manchurian Candidate

We are being advised that the recent Ohio and Texas Clinton victory came with that red telephone ad, the scary call in the night about the nuclear threat to our babies as they sleep. If so that is sad news for America because John McCain will be our next President. When the Democrats begin to peddle fear as their QVC network offering, $19.99 over three easy installments, they are giving McCain the election. He can peddle it cheaper, and better, for $9.95 on Fox News.

Barack Obama may have stumbled recently, but his message of hope is the winning one for this country. Hope, that is, backed up by specific policies for getting us out of the war, into universal health care, and out of the Bush born economic slump into which we are diving head first.

Casting suspicion on Obama's background, trying to present him as too inexperienced to deal with a crisis, or as the secret Muslim who will undo our country is the favored Republican message, one that is joyfully and scandalously picked up and promulgated by the media. One day they see Obama as the Messiah, the next day he is the Manchurian Candidate. Unfortunately, John McCain fits that role of Manchurian Candidate better than Obama. He was the one captured by the enemy and subjected to torture, the one who --- why go on? This is nonsense. He is what he is; a decent man who is capable of any indecency, from greasing the way for lobbyists to embracing Bush and the religious right, all against his core principles, all but that one important principal - getting McCain elected, letting him feel the power which he knows he deserves.

The Democrats, like the Republicans who trade in terror may win the day, but they will lose the world. So Hillary, please let's toss out those red telephones as outdated technology, and communicate with honest proposals and ideas as to how we can best reclaim this country. As one who has had a great admiration for Hillary Clinton, I am saddened and disgusted by the ad. She is better than that. Or she should be. All that this means to me is that I will support Obama more and more, as the fear-mongers try to bring him down, and with him, the notion of a fair, decent and courageous America.