02/05/2015 06:28 pm ET Updated Apr 07, 2015

10 Commitments to Make to Become a Happy, Successful Woman

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Commandments come from the outside and they are things we have to do. Commitments come from the inside, stemming from what we want to do. Whether you are deeply invested in yourself or just starting your journey of self-development, there are certain decisions highly successful women commit to which make them whole, composed and successful. To be whole and fulfilled, you must commit to make each day count in your pursuit of happiness. Each day is an open opportunity for you to master your goals, be yourself and move to towards the levels of happiness you wish to fulfill in career, parenthood and love.

1. Commit to seeing the good. Find ways to love the life you are in. No one's life is perfect, and there are going to be aspects of yours you are not going to enjoy. Therefore, commit to flexing your personality to fit the aspects of your life which are unchangeable.

Make the mental commitment to focus on solutions, not problems. A radiant, successful woman does not allow space in her mind for thoughts of lack or negativity. When you think in terms of lack, you make decisions from a negative place. These decisions bring more lack. Learn to respect the value of each aspect of your life, understanding that being accomplished in the small things, which maybe you do not enjoy, makes room for the bigger opportunities.

2. Commit to bravery. Commit to using fear as a motivator and not allowing it to be your captor as you approach life, love and relationships. If you give into fear, fear will seduce you to shrink from your dreams. Fear makes it easy to quickly rationalize yourself out of a great or healthy idea. To be happy, you have to risk and be willing to see what the consequences of your decisions will be.

Consequences are teachers and guides because they give you quick answers. If you never take risks, you never ignite these guideposts to get your life headed in the right direction. View every "no" as a new direction opportunity. Learn to speak up, to get what you want you have to go for what you want.

3. Commit to working hard.Make the choice to measure your self-value by your work ethic. If success is solely about the superficial, be aware that desiring it focuses the mind on the lack of it, and it is easy to get caught in the trap of comparison and never feeling good enough. Worry blocks opportunity and keeps you focused on how much you don't have.

Commit to trusting your hard work and commitment to yourself will generate movement forward. Focus on the goals at hand, this day or moment requires, and get them done. Your happiness and wholeness will develop over time.

4. Commit to thoughts of expansion. Make the commitment to thinking big and to never be satisfied with what you have. Be grateful for what you have for certain, but not satisfied. Understand that to be highly successful in your life, that once you achieve a certain level of success, you are not done. Always ask "what is next" when it comes to personal expansion. Agree never to downsize your dreams. To feel whole and fulfilled at the high levels commit your thoughts to expecting more from life, yourself, love and relationships.

5. Commit to consistency.Commit to working consistently on yourself without pause taking steps in the direction of your personal goals daily. It is through consistent and diligent work, coupled with patience and flexibility, that you climb the ladder of personal happiness. You must decide to work hard even when you are not yet reaping the benefits.

6. Commit to being passionate. Choose to be passionate about who you are, how you love and what you do. Passion is the fuel which ignites your commitment to yourself. Just like a car cannot run without gas, nor can you succeed without passionate hard work on your goals. When passion is present success is the result. The more success you experience the more in you increase your passion. In this way passion rewards itself. When passion is present, limits are non-existent.

7. Commit to self-respect. When you have self-respect you take pride in yourself and exude an aura of elegant confidence. Choose to demonstrate your self-respect in how you run you speak, eat, dress, walk, talk and how you treat those you are in relationship with. Take daily steps to refine who you are in an effort to be ready for the decisions which need your integrity and forethought. When you are self-respecting you make the decision each day to be on top of your game. You refuse to live by the "I will do it later motto." You get it done today to ensure a successful tomorrow.

8. Commit to balance. You cannot get to where you want to go alone. Make the decision delegate out. In order to know when and what to delegate you must have an awareness of your strengths and weaknesses. Choose to delegate to others who are either more skilled in your weaker areas, or delegate to those who have more time to do what you cannot. The minute you think you can do it all on your own is the moment you open yourself up to failure.

9. Commit to relationships. Take effort to enter all relationships intelligently and nurture them deliberately. Decisions on who you love is as essential to building a fulfilling life as is your knowledge, work ethic and passion. To have a healthy life you must choose relationships intelligently. In this way you are more likely to keep toxic people out. When you find the right people be intentional in nurturing them.

10. Commit to feedback. Commit to not being in control of it all. Actively seek feedback to grow in your life. Each piece of feedback is a mustard seed of knowledge necessary to further expand yourself and your experience of life, love and relationships. If you cannot expand as a person, you cannot expand your life. Feedback forces you to have an open mind available to opportunities never available to you before.

Sherapy Advice: To be successful as a woman commit to making self-aware, wise choices. Your worth is a reflection of your decisions, your attitude and how you think. If you are not valuing yourself and your life is not where you want it to be, or you are simply ready for more, then start making new decisions. To grow your life you have to grow yourself.