04/14/2015 03:10 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2015

10 Livable Truths for Success and Life Satisfaction

The two things most people search for in life are simple. People desire happiness and to feel satisfied with their lives. There are simple truths which can be applied to everyday life which guarantee greater success and that deep sense of personal satisfaction you yearn to experience in your life and career.

1. Just Do You: Be yourself. Let the results of your life be a reflection of your boldness to express your freely. Take care to exercise your own ideas, your free will and independence. Live from your individual uniqueness and the willingness to be different than others.

Your authenticity is that place within you that is true and secure enough to withstand the external destructive pressures that come from life.

When you are true to yourself and passionate about your life and career, you see choice rather challenge. Your genuine qualities are not set up on false pretenses because whatever path you choose in life is completely congruent with who you are.

2. Be Candid: There is nothing of greater significance to offer your life or business than honesty. To understand why being truthful is important examine how anyone, including yourself, benefit from dishonesty.

The one thing you cannot afford to lose in life is your reputation. Once your reputation is lost, based upon dishonesty, it is nearly impossible to recover it.

Living from the truth allows you to build relationships based in trust with loved ones, colleagues, competitors, staff, and customers. Those around you become energized by your candor inspiring them to want to progress their business and personal relationships with you forward.

3. Push yourself: In order to make the most of your life and career, challenge yourself. You cannot fulfill even a fraction of your dreams by sticking to the comfortable and secure. Where there is security there is nothing forcing you to rise to the occasion of maximizing the potential of who you are.

Challenge yourself to always be in pursuit of something which will stretch you. You have to have that "thing" that will make you wonder if you can actually achieve it. That elusive "thing" provides you the opportunity to engage in life, and in yourself, in ways that being secure and comfortable do not.

The more you push yourself and flourish, the greater your confidence becomes to push yourself again and again. Challenge not only helps you grow your skills and knowledge, it helps you develop belief in your capacity.

4. Put love first: The significant people in your life are those who genuinely feel for and worry about you. These are the individuals who will always be there, to fall back upon, when you have been disappointed by life.

The people who love and accept you, with your mistakes and weaknesses, and do not need you to be different are those who bring the most value to your life. They help refuel your belief in yourself when you cannot.

There is no amount of financial gain that could ever substitute for the love these individuals offer you. They bring a sense of connectedness and belonging which serve to make your life happier and more fulfilling. Those who do not value their loved ones are less well-rounded, less happy and less motivated and successful in life. Do not let this be you.

When you die you are not likely to wish you had worked more, you are likely to wish you had had more time with those you loved deeply.

5. Show Kindness: Treat all of those you interact with, with a sense of dignity and value. When you can make another person feel significant they will be motivated to stay in that perception in your mind.

Being thoughtful of others doesn't make you a push over. Thoughtfulness is that indistinguishable quality of being emotionally intelligent in all your exchanges. When you treat others with openness, kindness and respect you retain a calm power to stay rational and present in your communications.

Keep in mind that anger is never useful in relationships, personal or professional, as it is nearly impossible to respect an angry person. Anger doesn't wear intelligently on anyone.

6. Practice tolerance: Be mindful of others in the ways you expect others to be mindful of you. Practice tolerance and acceptance to bring a sense of peace to your life and world at large. Let go of small-mindedness, bigotry, belittling others, and being self-righteous.

Tolerance is an essential quality to possess. Think about who you are in the global world, or in the wholeness of life, and what you want your impact to be. Strive to be that bigger person.

Be open-minded to learning from all types of people and their differing beliefs, as you never know what type of person holds your next biggest opportunity in their hands.

7. Exercise Patience: Knowing the difference between patience and waiting is key to a successful life and career. Patience does not entail waiting. Waiting is action-less. When you practice patience you never stop working towards your dreams, even when you do not yet see results.

If you are waiting without working, you have stopped. When you are passionate there is no amount of work that you will cease doing if you see it as bringing you closer to your goals.

Patience means believing enough in what you have set out to achieve to keep going.

8. Fulfill your dreams: Do not just follow your dreams, you must fulfill them. Make each wish into a manifested destiny. Work towards your passions with consistency, precision and commitment.

Living your dreams is the stuff a well-live life is made of. What you pursue passionately will bring you a life of vitality, excitement and the joy that you deserve.

Your dreams and passions bring deeper meaning into your life and into the lives of others. When you live your dreams you become inspiring. You instill in others the belief that if it is possible for you then it can also be possible for them.

9. Practice gratitude: When you have a grateful heart your positive emotions become stronger, decreasing your negative emotional experiences of envy, victimology and jealousy. Gratitude makes your memories more positive and is a great catalyst in helping you to bounce back quickly from stress.

An attitude of gratitude helps you achieve life and career goals making your personal and professional lives more loving, productive and enjoyable places to be for you and everyone you touch.

10. Remain humble: Work quietly and allowing your success to do the talking. Humility is based in internal reflection, yet, when it comes to where you choose to focus your time and energy, it is all about other people for you.

In being humble you are not self-focused or worried about your image, which gives you more courage to risk and try new things. You are not compelled to try and be perfect because you are not stuck on expectations. This frees you from the paralysis of fearing failure because it is not your main concern.

When you are humble you approach life with openness and flexibility. You are not oppressed by the search for happiness or success, for yourself alone, because your main focus is not about trying to be either successful or happy. Instead you are caught up in projects, passions, people and things you consider bigger and more important than yourself and from this you end up with more happiness and success, as a simple byproduct.

The surest path to becoming happy and successful in life is in the helping of others to achieve the happiness and success they desire.

To experience happiness and that deep sense of well-being and satisfaction with who you are, what you are doing, and who you still desire to become you must contemplate daily on what it means to be authentic. You must be committed and deliberate in your search to challenge yourself, to face fears, to be good to others and to be the conscious creator of the wholeness of your overall life experience.

Sherapy Advice: Live these 10 truths as a daily meditation to practice and master.