11/21/2014 12:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Holiday Gifts for Girl Geeks

While there may be a dearth of women in Silicon Valley's C-suite, there is no shortage of women who love high-tech gadgets. To keep those women filled with joy this holiday season, check out these innovative gift ideas for girl geeks. Of course, geeky guys may like them too.


Getting to sleep can be challenging for those who can't say goodnight to their devices. The perfect gift for those whose circadian rhythms could use a little help is a sleep bracelet from Philip Stein. The bracelet uses natural frequency technology to help us dream sweetly. Wear it nightly and get some rest this holiday season, and beyond. (, $395).

Struggling with a giant Thanksgiving turkey or a small candy recipe? Foodies will love iDevice's kitchen thermometer. While it can't cook dinner for you, it will tell your phone when your food has reached the perfect temperature and is ready to serve. Although the two probes may be reminiscent of Frankenstein, they allow cooks to keep track of two meals at once. (, $79.99).

Holidays are filled with memorable photo ops. Why not give those boring selfies a break and get a more sophisticated picture experience with Motrr's Galileo. This handy docking station lets users take 360 degree panorama shots, time lapse photos and can even track movement. And if you are not home, you can control the device from your computer and still get a perfect shot of Santa sliding down the chimney. (, $149).

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is another cool gift with multiple unusual functions. My favorite is the pen's ability to take a screenshot of any web page with just one click. Users can then mark up web pages, pictures and documents and share them with friends and colleagues. Casual writers will love OneNote, the device's super easy way to write anything from lists to a novel. ( $799).

Every woman needs to look amazing before she can tackle those fabulous holiday parties. One of the most advanced (and fun) mirrors on the market is the Simple Human sensor mirror. This high tech make up mirror lights up when you approach it, and then turns itself off when you walk away. The mirror also simulates natural sunlight, is cordless, and is powered by an environmentally friendly LED bulb. (, $200).

Happy Holidays!