08/07/2012 11:25 am ET Updated Oct 07, 2012

We Need More Than a Campaign in This Election

This is a critical election which requires a candidate provide more than a campaign. A movement is required to elect strong leadership that will ensure Detroit recovers from the unfair practices implemented in Lansing. As an experienced educator and community organizer, I realize the diverse makeup of our new community, which demands visionary leadership that is conscious, connected and committed to unifying and revitalizing our neighborhoods.

I have a proven track record of working in the community, which demonstrates my commitment to public service. I am ready day one to leverage more than 25 years of community organizing experience and relationships to advance academic accountability, quality education, small business development and job creation, and safer communities.

Establishing a Greater Education Foundation:

It is no secret that the State of Michigan has its educational woes. According to the National Center for Higher Education Management (NCHMS), Michigan is below the national average for high school graduation and college completion with fewer than one out of five youth graduating from high school on time and earing either an associate's or bachelor's degree.

Data furthers shows we're 35th in the nation for college completion. Michigan's Student Pipeline Transition and Completion of ninth grade to College is 17 percent. Conversely, according to the American Civil Liberties Union from 1980-2002 Michigan's School to Prison Pipeline is excessive, documenting that African-American males from 1980-2000 were imprisoned 13 times the rate of college enrollment.

According to the 2012 Institute for a Competitive Workforce 2012 Leaders and Laggards Report, there is a direct correlation between a municipalities fiscal stability and its educational attainment levels. Trends show by 2018, seven out of 10 jobs will require some post-high school education. To truly usher our state into economic recovery, and move from great to excellent, we must change the culture of education in our state and the City of Detroit.

As a mom of a son with a learning difference, who graduated K-12 from Detroit Public Schools receiving a full-ride scholarship to South Carolina State University, and as an educator with six years of sixth through eighth grade science teaching experience in two of Detroit's most challenging schools, I offer a blended perspective of what it will take to ensure all students reach their true potential.

I believe that all children can learn; however, much of our pedagogical methodology must be reshaped to accommodate different learning styles. Further, the social dynamics of our communities demand an even greater system of accountability established for all stakeholders including district leaders, administrators, teachers, parents and students.

As a new member to Michigan's Legislature, I will focus on restoring Michigan's foundation in Quality Education for all youth to ensure our economic growth. I will advocate for greater investments in early childhood to give each child the foundation needed to successfully compete academically K-12. I will also work to grow a globally competitive workforce, and to advance small business development, job creation and safer thriving communities.

I am a proud Pro Labor AFT|DFT member advocating for the following:

Academic Accountability & Quality Education:

  • No Emergency Manager -- No EAA-EAS
  • Increase Clean Safe High Performing Schools
  • Increase Talented & Globally Competitive Workforce
  • Increase Parental Involvement & Teacher Effectiveness
  • Increase Early Childhood Investments & Decrease College Tuition
Small Business & Job Development:
  • Decrease Tax & Insurance Rates for Detroit-based Businesses
  • Foster Detroit-based Business to Business & Customer Partnerships
  • Advance Green Technology Jobs | Community & Economic Development Partnerships

Safer Communities | Increase Funding For:

  • Fire, Police and EMS
  • Community Law Enforcement Partnerships
  • Community Policing, Security & Radio Patrol
  • Deconstruction of Blighted Abandoned Properties
  • Civic Engagement, Community Groups, and Block Clubs