12/14/2011 02:36 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Memories of Bar d'O (PHOTOS)

Bar d'O will always stand out as one of the legendary shows of NYC nightlife. Nestled in a compact bar on Bedford St. in the West Village, Bar d'O was created by Jean Marc Houmard and Joey Arias and began in 1993 with Raven O and Edwidge. Shortly thereafter they gave birth to Sherry Vine, who joined the team. Bar d'O ran for 10 years and featured many stellar performers, and you never knew who was in the audience!

The annual Bar d'O reunion show means everything to me! Bar d'O really was the place where I developed my act and was educated by the masters, Joey Arias and Raven O. I was so shy; at first I wouldn't talk at all. Two years later, you couldn't get me to shut up! The reunion show offers a chance for the folks who visited Bar d'O and miss it as much as we do to have an injection from the past, as well as letting the kids witness a crazy, all-live show that they heard about and can't see anywhere else. At the time, Bar d'O was the only place in NYC to see a group of live, singing drag artists in one room.

I have so many special memories, most of them too scandalous for print! Most of my memories include the incredible staff and manager Ivan, who always let you know his opinion! Joey, Raven, and I singing "Sisters." Sade Pendavis ending "At This Moment" lying on the floor. Dancing on the sofa with Meg Ryan. Flying in from Milan and throwing it together for the reunion a few years ago -- I was so fried, but Jean Marc handed me a shot of tequila and said, "This will wake you up!" It worked!

The 7th Annual Bar d'O Reunion takes place on Sunday, Dec. 18 at 10 p.m. at Indochine restaurant, 430 Lafayette Street, NYC.

The legendary, all-live drag cabaret that wowed crowds for 10 years is now celebrating its 7th annual reunion. Joey Arias and Sherry Vine will be kicking it up with the "Queen of Gay Soul" Sade Pendavis and special surprise guests. Three different sets start at 10 p.m.

Table reservations with dinner only. Standing-room reservations at bar and lounge available by priority entrance list. $20 at the door.

Call 212-505-5111 for reservations.