03/31/2016 03:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

3 Huge Giveaways Your SEO Firm Is Slacking


There is nothing potentially more frustrating in the world than to enter a business partnership with a company, and fail to receive the appropriate services that were outlined in your initial agreement. Considering that 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, and that 75 percent of users never scroll past the first page of search results, it is mission critical to invest in a savvy and effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, with a focus on generating natural or organic results. The truth is that there are a bunch of SEO firms which promise customers incredibly robust results, but fail to deliver long-run. Here are the top three huge giveaways that your SEO firm is slacking! What are some other common warning signals?

Your SEO Firm Presses Inexpensive Content Automation

While there are definitely some instances wherein automated SEO is a much more effective option than manual SEO, content automation is never the first preference, because it is critical that we invest in quality content with strict standards for quality control. Shy away from investing in automating content, because this content represents your brand and it is incredibly important to demonstrate originality and substance in the SEO rankings. As a result, automated content will consistently lead to unsatisfactory and inadequate results.

Your SEO Firm Fails to Present a Clear and Proven Strategy

Unsurprisingly, there are certain SEO strategies and systems which would be used for one business, but most definitely, not for another. Re-organizing keywords on the landing page, and re-arranging backlinks to create an unbroken user experience would be highly recommended for one business, whereas extensive competitor analysis and re-work of copywriting may be required for another. Make sure your SEO firm is very transparent with you about the specific SEO strategies that the firm will incorporate to accelerate growth at your business. You definitely do not want a one size fits all solution, guaranteed!

Your SEO Firm Does Not Offer Regular Progress Reports

In order for you and your business to be absolutely successful and create growth in the economy, you must definitely ask for regular progress reports of the results of the SEO strategy at play. In the situation that the current strategy fails to measure up to expectations, practice proactivity by suggesting changes and updates to the SEO strategy. Always remember, this is a team game and you and your SEO firm are partners in this journey to maximize ROI for your business! In addition, please be sure to ask directly about the reporting frequency as well, because it is important to track results on a very regular basis. If your firm fails to produce anything tangible or mentions that it is unable to provide you with regular reports, it is best to move on.

A productive SEO firm is a game-changer for businesses and business owners alike, but it is crucial that these firms provide us with the appropriate strategies and techniques, otherwise we would be well advised to seek out other far more effective SEO firms. A top SEO strategy firm, like this one in Australia, called Online Marketing Gurus, seeks to "make the web simple and profitable" for clients and understands that the "goals for your business are very different to your competitors." This inherent understanding that each business is different and requires a specialized SEO strategy is paramount to success.

What is the biggest SEO red flag you have encountered in your career thus far?