08/23/2012 09:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Join the Epic World of Heroes With Stan Lee on YouTube (VIDEO)

So, why did Stan Lee decide to create the epic World of Heroes on YouTube? It's simple, really. "We put it together for mankind," Lee says. "The world needs heroes. And I could not let such a need go unfulfilled."

Speaking of programming content for YouTube, Jace Hall who joined says you have to "ask what the community is looking for." Understand what your viewers want and join them in the interaction. In other words, "Ask and they shall receive!"

As someone who also truly knows about building an audience, Stan Lee joyfully credits the movie industry for elevating superheroes in pop culture, saying of the fanbase: "It's actually gotten bigger and more enthusiastic than ever!"

Enthusiastic participant herself, Adrianne Curry who has hosted content on the channel proudly admits, "I've been a geek my whole life," citing her father figure as a major influence. She even shares her favorite costume: Dark Lily from Legend, which she debuted this year at Comic-Con!

Adrianne was also on hand to quickly settle the superheroes vs. villains debate, pointing out that villains have the best costumes and the best names. Enough said!

And there's much more to come for lovers of the superhero world. Stan Lee gives us an exciting peek into what's next for the POW (Purveyors of Wonder) Entertainment empire, including the upcoming Chinese superhero film, The Annihilator, a developing Indian superhero story, and a live action, interactive show in Asia.

To see all of these players in their element, head over to the World of Heroes YouTube channel and follow Stan Lee, Adrianne Curry, and Jace Hall on Twitter.

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