03/08/2012 09:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Warren Sapp Chats Bounties and Peyton Manning's Layoff (VIDEO)

It has been a big week for trending stories in sports from the bounty controversy to Peyton Manning being released from the Colts.

NFL legend Warren Sapp stopped by What's Trending live on Wednesday to share his thoughts on all the headlines of the day and how he's used social media to connect with fans directly.

"Trust me, everybody's gonna take a look at Peyton Manning," said Sapp who didn't seem surprised by the recent news concerning the football star.

"You couldn't walk into a room and offer us $1,000 for the quarterback. He was already going to get tasted. He was the desert!" said Sapp, commenting on why a defender wouldn't need the controversial bounty to take opponents out of the game for money.

"In my 13 years, it was never discussed," he said. "It was just this one rogue coordinator."

Also, answering my question about the ability of more football players to become famous today, Sapp said, "It's easier now. Because, there's Twitter, there's Facebook, there's Google+ -- there's a bunch of different things that you can ignite a whole army of fans."