01/18/2013 05:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Scorpions, Tarantulas, Deodorant, Oh My! The Most Disgusting Foods and Eating Challenges on YouTube

We're trading ewwws for views!

In honor of having Food For Louis -- the owner of YouTube's strongest stomach -- on the show, What's Trending rounds up the most off-putting, gross-out eating and food clips in YouTube history. From challenges like eating 50 garlic cloves or taking down a complete stick of deodorant, to Bear Grylls downing larvae to a young girl with a taste for praying mantis, all of your favorites (?) are here.

Check out Food for Louis (and Shira Lazar!) eating crickets and worms LIVE on What's Trending!

Old Spice Deodorant Eaten Before Your Eyes
Eating 7 Inch Scorpion That Put Me in Thailand Hospital
Would You Eat Live Octopus?
Guy Eats 200 Live Worms
The 50 Raw Garlic Clove Challenge in 4 Min
Man vs. Wild: Eating Giant Larva
Girl Eats Huge Praying Mantis
Furious Pete: Diet Coke and Mentos Human Experiment
Eating a Live Tarantula

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