01/29/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Mar 31, 2014

In Friends I Seek

Shirley Gines is a marketing and PR consultant to Silicon Valley technology companies. She revels in the area's upstart culture of innovation and constant cycle of birth and rebirth. When Shirley is not focused on things digital, she gets on a plane to walk on ancient cobblestones somewhere in the world. She holds dear in her heart Florence, Italy, where she studied Renaissance art history and first learned about beauty.

In Friends I Seek

On a hot fall day
We came upon a path of dry earth
Winding around a mountain.

Friends, we sought each other's company and counsel
To speak of our days apart,
Rub together our different views,
Unpeel the regrets
And inner longings now that life was simple.

Looking up I saw a field
Like the giant back of a napping lion
Its fur tawny, golden, unruly and coarse
I wanted to reach out and smooth it.
Behind him, a mountain of tall pine
Of deep deep green, it was like truth.

We stopped and let the beauty silence us.
Would the lion awaken and roar
Or let us through
To stroke our problems still?