04/26/2013 06:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Choose Maternity Wear

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When it comes to maternity wear, let's put the thought to rest that Kate Middleton is a good example of a pregnant woman and thus Kim Kardashian is a bad one.

Every single body experiences pregnancy differently and in fact, every single body experiences different pregnancies differently. While as of now, Kim may be the one to add the extra pounds, it's possible that for her second child Kate will have a much harder time keeping the additional weight off. Who knows? Only time will tell.

In the meantime ladies, let's grow up and face the facts. If you are ever wanting to bear a child from your own womb, you will also one day be pregnant and susceptible to a very natural weight gain. 

Here's how to look fashionable if and when that happens.

Pattern Play


In keeping with the black and white trend that both pregnant Kim Kardashian as well as popular non-pregnant celebrities such as Beyoncé have been wearing, grab your newly pregnant self a maxi with an empire waist in opposing prints. The loose, chiffon fitting in the lower portion will ensure that as your baby grows, you won't need to toss this one dress out for something in a larger size.

Leopard Hi-Lo Dress, The Orange Hanger



Pregnancy causes many changes throughout a woman's body for the nine-plus months that she is with child. And while the most infamous may be the big belly everyone loves to touch, there's no reason a woman can't play up her sensual femininity throughout her pregnancy. As the belly grows, so do the girls and while most pregnancy dresses put the focus on the taut tummy, use a dress with a deep V in both front and back to draw eyes up. A deep V in front will show off your new, naturally bigger girls while also putting attention on your flat back. Show some skin new mommy - you deserve it.

Long Sleeve Backless Maxi, BE Styled

Room for Growth


A textured dress in a muted hue with a low-waist belt is perfect for taking you from the first to the third trimester. In the early days, show off your smaller belly bump with a belt that ties in the fabric to show off the soon-to-be newest member of your family. As your belly grows and less concerned is placed on if people are noticing (I mean, there isn't anyway they can't), then push the belt beneath your belly to act as a small bit of support and to define your waist.

Printed Shift Dress, Piper

Geometrically Inclined


Geometric prints are your best friends during a pregnancy as the angular nature of the print will flatten out your tummy when your seen from straight on. For this dress, we chose an all-over geometric print in a belted dress that will allow you to wear looser during your pregnancy and then keep over as you transition back to your pre-baby body.

Loose Belted Dress, Callalilai

Painted Pastels


Being pregnant doesn't put a sign on you saying, "This girl can't wear colors!" So stop acting like it does! Sure, neutral hues are easy to pair with fun accessories and who doesn't love to dish on the accessories when buying actual clothes is so difficult? Trust us, we understand your plight, but that natural glow is just too beautiful to hide away under a muted foundation of beige. Here, this pastel and printed frock is loose enough to grow with your expanding belly and bright enough to make sure all eyes are on you. You're pregnant woman, not dead! Make your fashion prove it!

Printed Dress, Cancan