12/20/2012 04:40 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2013

One Earth. One Voice. Campaign Day 99: On Grace and Gratitude, Circles and Completion

Beloved readers and friends,

Words are hard to find in this moment. As the sun rose on this -- the 99th and final day of our epic journey together -- I found myself awash in a sea of emotions. Above all, I am filled-to-overflowing with gratitude, for so many reasons. I have chosen to list some of them today, using the letters of our campaign name as a springboard, as my tribute to this journey, to YOU, and to all we have been through.

O. For the Omnipresent guidance and wisdom of those spirits who have watched over us all during these 99 days.

N. for the Naps when rest was possible.

E. For the Evolutionary wisdom which I was privileged to witness in every corner of the world. Yes, it's true: we are evolving, in spite of any evidence to the contrary.

E. For the Encouragement from all of you to keep going, even in the face of enormous obstacles and challenges.

A. For the Acts of kindness of thousands, including you, beloved readers, whose strength and encouragement every step of the way made this journey possible.

R. For the Rides - trains, planes, buses, camels, and everything in between, that enabled us to move about the planet, delivering our "musical medicine" where it was needed.

T. For the Treasures given us along the way - everything from protective beads and sweetgrass from the indigenous peoples of the earth, to food, water, and blessings - precious gifts, every one.

H. For the Hearths and Homes opened to me and to our globe along the way. I can't begin to tell you how much those warm welcomes have meant to this intrepid traveler.

O. For the Opened hearts we met every step along the way. From the children of Tahrir kissing the globe, to the indigenous merchants in Quito, Ecuador who shrieked in delight when they saw the globe, every encounter was a blessing, a gift of heart and soul, which gave us the strength to keep going.

N. For Nature, in all of her aching beauty, which we touched in so many ways, so many places, on our journey.

E. For the Evocations of blessings and care that poured forth in so many languages, from so many beautiful human hearts and souls, on behalf of our beloved planet.

V. For the Voices of every human being we met, and those we have yet to meet, who are the very essence - the heart and soul - of this mission.

O. For the Oceans, whose cadences and pulls have infused, blessed, and healed us all. May we in turn bring those blessings and healings to their shores, post-haste.

I. For the Inspiration you all have shared with us along the way. This is OUR story; you are co-authors with us.

C. For the Coffee. (you know I had to say it)

E. For our good, good Earth. What more be said.

Soon we will arrive back at the place we started, Washington DC, and prepare to mark, through our moment of song, the long-awaited passage from the realm of Time to No-Time. We hope to see many of you tomorrow at the Old Post Office Pavilion at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, at 4:30pm.

Where the road takes us beyond this threshold remains to be seen.

What I do know is this: we have learned much about and from one another over these 99 days. Above all, I believe we've learned that we're infinitely more deeply inter-connected and more passionate about the care of this beloved planet than we dared dream. With those two truths deeply anchored in our hearts, minds, and souls, I know our feet will be guided along the path that beckons us all - together - onward.

I love you all,
so very much.

20 December 2012
New Jersey Shore, USA