04/01/2013 06:05 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2013

GMOs Gotta Go!

Everyone wants a healthier world. Too many people are contracting illness younger and getting sicker for reasons we cannot truly explain. That is, unless we really ask the right

I realize we are in extraordinarily difficult financial times and the government is looking at the dollars and cents of it all, but we cannot sacrifice lives in an effort to save a buck. I watch politicians talk incessantly about the obesity problem in this country to justify some of their own corrupt agendas such as soda bans, salt bans, and other assorted "health initiatives." Their "health initiatives" are really about cheaper insurance payouts, cheaper food supplies, and whatever will get them the recognition they need to be elected. Don't misunderstand me, I fully support genuine health initiatives -- provided they are the kind that put people's health before the almighty dollar. When I spend countless hours a week cleaning my juicer only to hear that Congress has underhandedly passed a provision to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill protecting GMOs, I start to lose faith that they have my best interest at heart. Read more about the passing of the provision here.

It becomes very disheartening to those of us actually trying to live a genuinely healthy lifestyle only to find out that the fruits and vegetables you've been consuming may well be as bad for you as the red meat you've been avoiding. Dr. Oz, a prime example of a man who values a healthy lifestyle, recently aired this web exclusive.

Whole Foods proudly discussed their position with Dr. Oz and released this statement reassuring consumers that they, too, believe people have a right to know what is in their food. They will be labeling their products and have gone so far as to say they intend to ultimately eliminate foods (such as seafood) that have been genetically modified.

As Dr. Oz mentions, we as consumers have the right to demand this from all suppliers. We need to speak up for what we know we are entitled to and deserve -- the right to healthy living!