06/23/2014 02:40 pm ET Updated Aug 21, 2014

The Governor Comes Through for New York

Very often I am the first one to condemn political officials for poor decision making so let me be among the first to commend the Governor of New York and all those involved in the passing of the legislation to establish a comprehensive medical marijuana program for New York State.

Many of my readers know I am a breast cancer survivor and huge advocate for cancer patients. Having said that, I am particularly pleased with Governor Cuomo's new legislation, which enables patients to get the relief they need without having to smoke. In keeping with the spirit in which this was intended, the goal is to provide medical benefits and not put anyone at additional health risk.

While I do think there are economic benefits to the legalization of marijuana that is not the discussion. The Governor set out to provide those New Yorkers who are legitimately suffering with a much-needed solution while protecting public health and safety. Well done!