07/19/2013 12:03 pm ET Updated Sep 15, 2013

10 Things Everyone Should Be Able to Do, or Learn to If They Don't

1. Change a tire: easy you say, whoa, not so fast, some cars are better equipped than others, so the first thing to do is to make sure you have all the proper tools in your vehicle, meaning a trip to an auto care shop. Then you might want to consider a mechanic class at you local high school or at an adult education center, if offered in your town. I do believe such a class should be mandatory learning for all in teenage years.

2. Connect and start a computer: impossible to live without one nowadays, but why rely on others? In the box it came in, the notice of use is always well written, sometimes even graphic, and takes into account the basic understanding of a first user by mostly keeping it simple. To start your education, most city libraries offer beginners' class for computer users, starting from how-to plug it in the wall.

3. Edit digital pictures: several programs of digital editing are free and easy to navigate, and I am not talking about Photoshop or such, but more basic and necessary application to remove wrinkles and spots from your shots, balance images that are too light or too dark, apply color filters, cut and crop images, and other magical things.

4. Light a fire: yes, it can be useful! Imagine yourself lost in the Russian tundra or a Chinese desert, with no resources, in the cold, you see? It can be a matter of survival. So you start with a few very dry twigs arranged in a cone shape with some dry leaves in the center of it (or scrunched newspaper pages if you happen to be carrying your daily with you in the desert); then when the twigs are on fire, add bigger logs, still in the shape of a cone over the flames, and on and on.

5. Pack a suitcase: the secret of space-saving is to roll everything as tightly as possible, starting by placing the clothing flat on a table and start rolling from one end the other, squeezing hard to form a tight roll. Nothing will be more wrinkled than usual. For little things like socks or underwear, put them in sleeves and pants' legs, and roll them along with it.

6. Make pasta: heat water with salt and a spoonful of oil; when the water boils, throw in the pasta, stir once, wait 10 minutes, drain, serve. Period.

7. Perform CPR: now that the mouth-to-mouth part is no longer absolutely required of amateur rescuers, all you have to do is press hard with the two palms of your hands joined together on top of one another, and apply pressure at the center of the chest, quicker than once a minute. Watch a video on the Internet; it's so easy to save a life.

8. Take a screen capture (print) of your computer: to copy and put in a document, or to send via email, a page you have seen online, nothing is easier: for a PC press the key PRINT SCREEN top right of the keyboard, for a MAC, press COMMAND+ SHIFT+ 3 . In both formats, when in your document or your message ready to be sent, release the copy with a right click of your mouse and PASTE. Piece of cake!

9. Use food as beauty products: lemon juice whitens teeth and dries pimples; ice cubes stop swelling and minimize pain; baking soda and salt are both good exfoliating scrubs for your skin; avocado with honey make a yummy skin softener; cucumber rounds are good to take away under eyes bags; egg whites are excellent firming mask for the face; a pan of boiling water creates enough steam to deep clean the skin. Less expensive than spas or store-bought beauty products!

10. Build IKEA furniture: sorry but cannot help you there. For that you need a degreed specialist, a spatial design ace, a genius at math, logic, a savant in construction, in aero dynamism, a master in design, or a heart surgeon, no kidding. Well, good luck for that anyway!